Meggie Mine, Daddy’s Girl 16

Welcome to your Saturday Spankings! Happy Mother’s Day to all the women out there who are mothers and have been mother figures to others, hope your weekend is blessed.

What a Girl Wants, my AP WIP,  is  still at the publishers, but I wanted to share a snippet from it today that shows how much Meggie loves being Daddy’s girl.  Meggie is taking a bubble bath that Daddy Michael has surprised her with.



He helped her into the tub and patted her bottom before she sat down.  She gasped when she felt the hot water on her injured bottom.
“Your little fanny hurts in this hot water doesn’t it?”
“Yes, Daddy.”

“Maybe it will remind you to behave during your bath, huh?”  He winked at her and she blushed, nodding her head.  It felt so silly at times like this to be a thirty year old, professional woman who was sitting on a very red, well-spanked bottom in a bathtub filled with crayons and bath toys calling her husband “Daddy”.  But on days like this, she enjoyed nothing more than being Meggie Mine, Daddy’s little girl.  She loved being his little girl and being cherished by Daddy Michael.

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