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His Sassy Girl -- Pre-Order

His Sassy Girl — Pre-Order

His Sassy Girl will be out in about three weeks.   Dylan and Sassy have met Professor Maddox and his girl Libby.  They’ve invited them to an exclusive BDSM Club for Daddies and their Littles, called the Playpen.   In this excerpt, Sassy has just walked into the medical room and is witnessing some medical play.  I hope you enjoy this, and make sure you purchase your Pre-Order for His Sassy Girl by clicking the book cover above or down below.

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]The room behind her was the medical room.  Sterile, clean, and very shiny in appearance—metal, gleaming tables with trays of metal instruments. [/pullquote]

The smell of antiseptic and KY ointment filled the air.   Her curiosity piqued, she watched as women were being manipulated by men and women wearing blue scrubs and masks.

Sassy slipped into the room, sliding into a chair back in a corner, unseen, and she hoped not observed.  Her arousal was climbing, just watching this in an intimate setting.  She never enjoyed going to the gyno—did any woman enjoy that visit?  No doubt some did, but most didn’t like the invasion.

But there was something titillating about being in a forced situation with a stranger’s fingers probing your secret inner areas.  And then like a cherry on the top of a cupcake, the finale was a finger in your anus pushing, burning, probing for any abnormalities and used for a smear for testing.  But in a doctor’s office, there was nothing sexy about it—yet the degradation and exhibitionism of the act did make one wonder how these professional, medical men chose that profession.  Did gynecologists and obstetricians initially accept their careers for the sexual meanderings—unspoken and unaddressed fulfillment of their needs and desires—or did they choose it for the babies, the happy faces, and taking part in the new beginnings on a daily basis?

But in this setting, safe and supervised, yet public humiliation and exhibitionism at its finest seemed depraved and yet hot as hell.  Sassy never thought of herself as someone who liked – or on some level desired—exhibitionism. But watching these very public scenes, knowing that strangers and friends would be watching you—and watching you sexually aroused—had her dripping (again).  She made note that she’d have to remember to bring extra panties when she visited the Playpen.

The room stilled as a very tall, burly man came into the room wearing blue scrubs and a cap, tossing his mask onto the metal cart tray next to the bed.  He stopped hands on his hips to stare at a woman on the bed.

She was a very attractive woman who appeared to be in her mid-thirties, long blonde hair and a voluptuous figure lying on her back on the medical table in just her panties and bra on—definitely not the way they do it at Sassy’s gyno office—but this made it much more arousing  in her opinion.

[pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“Why are you wearing your underwear and not the gown provided for you?” The doctor tapped her panties with his finger[/pullquote]

“I don’t like the gown, so I chose to do this instead.”  The wily woman smirked at the doctor in open rebellion.

“Oh.  Deciding that being naughty and disobedient is the way you want to go?  Fine with me, little girl.  I suspect you’ve bitten off more than you can chew, though.”  Doc didn’t waste any time flipping her onto her belly, his hand crashing down on her buttocks.  He slapped the bare areas not covered by her pink and gray striped panties.

“Oh!  I don’t want a spanking!”  She tried flipping over to no avail.

“Chloe!  You will lie still.  No one asked what you wanted. This is the price you have to pay for not putting your gown on.”  He continued slapping the bare sit spots and her upper thighs down to her knees.  The light pink skin becoming dusky rather quickly.

He quickly divested her of the bikini panties, tugging them over her ample bottom, dragging them down her legs until he tossed them carelessly to the floor.   “Let’s get rid of this while we’re at it too.”  He unsnapped her bra, pulling the thin straps down her arms, adding it to the discarded panties on the floor.   “Are you sorry that you didn’t put your gown on?”

“No, not really.”  Chloe giggled, the bystanders chuckling with her.

“Interesting.  I believe that sentiment will change as we progress.”   He brought his flat, stiff hand down onto the crest of her pristine globes, a large bloom of his handprint quickly rising.

[pullquote align=”left” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””] He muttered, “Beautiful. I love nothing better than my red handprint on someone’s unspanked bottom.” He turned facing the crowd. “Can everyone see this?”  A low murmuring of agreement rose from the spectators.  [/pullquote]

“Oh Chloe, do you see that they love your little ass being spanked?  Is it feeling sore, baby?”

She tilted her head, looking over her shoulder at him, then giving a side glance at the crowd.  “Y-yes, Sir.  It does hurt.”


Chloe braced herself for the inevitable, oncoming onslaught.   And she wasn’t disappointed, his hand slapped viciously across the whole of her bottom while the other hand restrained her to the cold metal table.  The handprint disappeared for the rest of her milky globes turned a dark pink.

She shifted, the heat and sting obviously suffusing the area, her small, thin hands gripping the head of the table. When one of those hands gradually crept back, unavoidably trying to protect the already inflamed flesh, he readily grasped them with his hand, stilling them in the small of her back.

“The next time a nurse or doctor asks you to don a gown, what will you do Missy?”

Chloe whimpered, unable to hold it back any longer. “I-I will put a gown on, S-Sir.”

“Do you still think this bit of misbehavior is funny, girl?”   He paused for a moment letting her catch her breath.

“N-no, Sir.  I do not.”

“As I suspected.” He opened a drawer near him, pulling out a wooden spoon. “Now we’ll finish with this.”   He focused the spoon on the underside of each cheek, the area turning an angry red.  And when he smiled, pleased with his handiwork, he pulled her left cheek aside, flipping the spoon adeptly in his hand and using the long thin handle, he swatted her anus and the tender white skin between each buttock until the Miss Chloe screeched in agony.

“That, my girl, is what happens to naughty little girls.”  The wooden spoon clattered when it hit the open drawer, which he slammed with the finality of her spanking. “Now dry those bad girl tears, flip over onto your back, and we’ll give you a proper exam with no arguments I’m to assume.  Correct?”

Chloe gingerly rolled onto her back, keeping her bottom raised, just a bit so as to not have complete and full contact with the cold, metal table.   That is until the good doctor, pressed his hand—not very gently—onto her lower belly, forcing the hard contact she’d hoped to avoid.  She elicited a quiet gasp.

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“Lie still.  Not a word from you.”   Doc slapped her thigh hard; she bit her lip suppressing a shout, but tears filled her eyes as she warily watched him.  He grasped an ankle at a time, putting each foot into a stirrup. [/pullquote]

This week I’ll be sharing an excerpt on WIP It Up from the Classroom:)

His Sassy Girl -- Pre-Order

His Sassy Girl — Pre-Order

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