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Welcome to WIP It Up Wednesday!!  My new book is coming out very soon!!  It is a DD/lg cruise to help married couples make friends with other Daddies and little girls.  There are pedicures, manicures, Daddy seminars and a couple really good pranks.

Tim and Lilly are one of the couples on the ship that we get to meet on the cruise and you will get to meet today.  Tim is a physician’s assistant and Lilly is a paralegal in a local law firm.   They have decided to try medical play in their marriage and on this cruise. 

Tim slid his hand under her and started manipulating her clit while his finger worked the sphincter muscle. She started rocking her hips ever so slightly and her bottom clenched. He pulled his hand from her clit and swatted each cheek hard. “No clenching, Lilly. You know better. Relax your cheeks.”
Slowly, she relaxed, and he pulled his finger out and slid the glass thermometer into her puckered hole. He held it between his fingers and rested his hand on her bottom. It was a show of control and possession that he wanted to reinforce with her. “Three minutes, so relax and no clenching or moving. You don’t want to get swatted during this, I’m sure.”
They sat in silence for maybe thirty seconds but he could see she was thinking too much and making herself nervous.
“Is it what you had hoped it would be, Lilly?”
“I don’t know. It’s like all of it. It always feels weird at first. You know kind of uncomfortable and it just doesn’t seem like the fantasy. But when it’s over, I’m sure it’ll feel like the fantasy. Does that make sense?”
“Yes, it makes total sense. We tend to romanticize things. We think it’ll be perfect with no uncomfortableness.  But when it’s a fantasy you aren’t thinking about how you look or feel, you just want it to happen. In real life, however, you’re stuck with your thoughts and feelings. It’s okay, sweetie, I know what I’m doing and it’s going just as planned. And I’ve got to tell you, because I’m sure you’re concerned about it. You look absolutely adorable with your pink bottom that’s now sporting my hand print on each cheek and this thermometer sticking out of your bum. It’s hot as hell. Do you feel my cock on your belly? You appear to have me aroused again. “
“I do feel you as a matter of fact.” She giggled and it warmed his heart to see her relax into this, he wanted her to have fun and remember it with fondness.
“Okay, let’s take this out.” He pulled it out of her bottom and read the temperature. “It’s normal, sweetie, as we expected. Here, let’s get you up. I want you to lay on the bed on your back.” He helped her stand and then kissed her nose when she gave him a confused look. He positioned her on her back. “Put your feet flat on the bed, knees up high. Put the heel of your feet right up to your bottom and let your thighs relax to the side.”
Without hesitation, she did as she was asked.
“You’re such a good little girl, Lilly. Daddy is so happy to have such an obedient little girl. Let Daddy check your clitty and see if it’s doing okay and functioning as it’s supposed to.”
He pushed his fingers into her pussy and let her juices coat his fingers. “Daddy is going to make little circles around your clit to see if it hardens quickly.” He started by pressing on her clit and making one small circle. “It’s semi hard and in a pebble form, just like it’s supposed to be. I’m thinking that the temperature taking aroused you a little, huh?”
“Yes, Daddy.”

           “Well, let’s see what this exam does.” 

Go visit the other participants today and have fun!  


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