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As most of you know, My Russian Master is live on most platforms (we’re still waiting for Barnes & Noble and iTunes/iBook).  If you haven’t bought your copy you can click on the picture to the left or the links below to purchase your own. It is $2.99 — but only for today.

In today’s excerpt Caroline is receiving her first “bad girl” spanking from Maxim.

“Nice. Very nice, Caro. The thigh-high stockings can stay on. I love this red thong—”
He brushed his finger over the front of her
panties. “—and are those mini buttons in a vertical row above your pussy?”
She closed her eyes, suddenly wishing she were anywhere but in this kitchen with her panties showing and her dress hiked up to her waist. “Y-Yes. I thought they were… cute.”
“Oh, they are that. And sexy as fuck.” His finger traced the line of buttons, stopping at her clit and pressing firmly on that little button too. Her hips bucked, and she lost her grip on her dress, letting it fall. “Uh-uh, keep that dress up. I am still playing with all your buttons.”
He met her gaze, his eyes glazed over with arousal. Sneaking a peek downward, a large bulge was quite visible at the crotch of his dress pants. Somehow, it comforted her to see he was excited too,
and deep down it pleased her that her body and panties turned him on. It had been a while since she felt like her body would arouse anyone.
“I am forgetting that the bad girl needs her spanking. Nice distraction though.” He tapped her panties. “Time for these to come down.”
She knew her cue, putting her hands at the waistband, but before she could pull them down, he gently brushed her hands away. “Nyet. That is my job. You only do as you are told! Clear? You hold your dress up high.” He pushed her hands up higher, exposing more of her belly.
He slid down the little line of buttons to her clit again, then back up running his forefinger along the elastic waistband, following the length, following the string enveloped between her plump, soft ass. She gasped, and he smiled up at her. His hands returned to the waistband of her thong, lightly stroking little circles on the inside of her hips. Then he hooked his thumbs into the elastic, pulling it down. Slowly. Painfully slowly. She couldn’t hold back the moan of embarrassment as the cool air brushed the warm juices on her pussy. Her sex shamelessly clenched on nothing but her arousal, her hips thrusting forward.
“Steady, girl,” his deep voice rumbled, as he watched her pussy come into view. He let the thong glide down her silky stocking-clad legs until it puddled at her feet. “Step out of it.”
Pulling her feet out of the tangle of fabric, she toed it aside. Maxim scooped it up, placing it on the table. He then leaned back, pushing his chair a few inches further away from her. He stared at her pussy for a long moment, then slowly raised his gaze up her belly and breasts until he met her eyes.
“Are you embarrassed, Caroleena?”
Mortified would be more like it. “Yes, Sir.”
He nodded, dropping his gaze to her pussy once more. He looked at it intently, as if studying its every line and contour. She struggled to keep her dress up above her waist, wanting to let it drop, even just a little bit.
He growled deep in his chest, nodding, his eyes not leaving her exposed sex. “Feeling vulnerable and nervous is a good thing for you. You enjoy making people feel this way at work. It does not feel
good when it is you, no?”
“No, Sir. It feels awful.” Against her will, she felt the tears stinging behind her eyes. She would fight them though. She hated weakness.
That was all he said, the Russian simplysitting there, gazing upon her proffered flesh. She couldn’t
watch his face, didn’t want to know his reaction to what he was looking at. She struggled to not shift her weight on her feet. She’d be damned though if she showed him the mortification she felt. She stared intently at the marbled tilefloor.
“Turn.” His low, rumbling voice vibrated through her core. It didn’t even sound like a word at first. She swallowed. He didn’t mean… he couldn’t mean for her to stand with her ass to him!
I’ll die. I can’t. I won’t.
“Now.” He whispered it, but it affected her more than if he’d shouted the word.
Her heart started to race, but she pivoted, a shrill whine escaping her lips.
“Keep your dress up.”
He didn’t speak a word from behind her, and now she was robbed of even the chance to read his expression. Would she see a look of disgust? Would he be turned on even more than he already was? Or maybe he wouldn’t be affected at all?
A finger lightly traced the top edge of her thigh-highs. “These are nice, Caro. I like these on your long legs. He lightly stroked the underside of her bottom, stopping briefly to glide the finger up the crevice of her buttocks. “You have the greatest ass. This is an ass a young man dreams of. Hell, even a very old man would dream of an ass like this.”
“Oh, God.” Involuntarily, she clenched her buttocks. “It’s too big.”
“Not to me, it is not. It is perfect backside. I’m going to make sure it stays this way too.” Squeezing a cheek, he lifted it, her flesh wobbling mortifyingly as he let it fall. Unable to contain her shame, she whined aloud.
“First though, we spank it. Come, turn around.”
She spun to face him, and despite her silent cursing of her weakness, her eyes were welled with tears. She suddenly felt small and a little afraid. It had been a long time. Maybe she couldn’t do this after all? Even if it had been her fantasy to be spanked by the man with the whip on the video, perhaps she’d chicken out when faced with the reality of what that fantasy-come-to-life really meant?
“You are a big girl. You can handle this. No more tears. It is not a big spanking today, just a taste of a bad girl spanking. Next time though will be harder.” He pulled her to stand by his side, slowly helping her over his lap. “Hands on the floor, or on the chair. No hands come back to stop me, or feet coming up. Those give you extras. No swearing. That is extra too. Extras are with my belt.Clear?”
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Sometimes the road to happily-ever-after begins with two simple words: “Yes, Sir.”For CEO Caroline Turner certain truths were inescapable. No matter how
powerful, successful, and pretty she was, it didn’t matter when it came
to the number on her scale — a number she wasn’t at all happy with.
Like every other obstacle in her life though, she had a plan for
overcoming it. The famous Maxim Volkov chef and fitness expert wasn’t
cheap, and he wasn’t exactly falling in line with her wishes either, but
he was perfect for the job … and extremely easy on the eyes. However
alpha and devastatingly handsome the taciturn Russian might, he seemed
to have a different understanding about who the boss was in their
particular arrangement. She’d just have to put him in his place… and
try to ignore the insane urge to kneel at his feet.Taking the job offered by the spoiled, if intriguing American CEO was something
Maxim wouldn’t normally do. He didn’t need the money, and he usually
found Western women trying at best, maddening at worst. But something
about the pretty Caroline spoke to him, her defiance, and acid-tongued
ways hiding an appealing vulnerability he longed to bring to the fore.
Despite her self-image, he saw little wrong with the curvy, brunette
beauty. Nothing wrong that is that couldn’t be cured with a little
strict, bare bottom discipline, and some loving, sensual aftercare. That
the appealingly disobedient, mouthy American woman would surrender to
him was never in doubt.

The only question was when.

But behind Caroline’s strong, professional facade, something else lurked, a
part of her painful past that threatened to endanger her future — and
perhaps her life. Hiding his own potentially explosive secrets, Maxim
must help her finally put that dark chapter behind her — no matter what
it took, no matter how much she might fight it, no matter how much it
hurt. Worse, hated competitors, circling like sharks, threatened to
destroy all that Caroline had worked so hard to create.

Strugglingwith demons both internal and external, her last, best hope might just
be a man as hard and implacable as a Siberian winter…

Publisher’s Warning: Intended for mature audiences. 18 and over only!

This sensuous romance contains explicit sexual situations, spanking, and
anal play. This book deals with eating disorders and could be a trigger
for some. This book can be read as a standalone. Enjoyment of the novel
will be enhanced by reading the previous entries in the series, but
it’s not necessary.

Word Count:  60,297 words



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