Maddox’s Mother Gets Her Ass Blistered – Carnal Indulgence (Desiring The Forbidden, Book 3)


CARNAL INDULGENCE is Maddox and Libby’s story. But it is also a story about their collaring ceremony with their friends at The Playpen, and their formal wedding at a ranch in California.  Maddox’s mother, Pamela has been giving Libby trouble, she doesn’t like that Libby is fifteen years older than her son. But her husband, Maddox’s father, David isn’t going to tolerate her behavior.  I hope you all enjoy this excerpt of David confronting Pamela.

  You know better than to act like this. I thought we solved some of these issues years ago. Apparently, you need a bit of a reminder.

I refuse to let you act like some hoyden and ruin our relationship with Maddox. I just won’t allow it. I think we need to go to our bedroom.”


He can’t be talking about spanking. We haven’t done that in years.

“Why do you think? And if you fight me on it, I’ll handle it right here in the living room.” David pointed to the back of the couch.

Dear God, no!

“David. You can’t…I mean it’s been…I’m too old for this.” Pam was over fifty for God’s sake.

He chuckled. “You apparently forgot, young lady. You’re never too old. I don’t care if we’re eighty—if you deserve a whipping, you’re going to get one. Trust me on that. Now it’s up to you, but I think you’d be more comfortable on our bed, than over the back of the couch. The choice is yours.” He raised his eyebrows at her.

He’s lost his mind.

“Now, David, we—”

“Young lady, don’t push me, or I’ll blister your ass right here, right now. Decide.”

He hadn’t used that voice to her in years, and she forgot how it made the butterflies start in her belly. Her clit throbbed, instinctively she clenched her buttocks, and she had no doubt in her mind that he’d follow through with the threat.

“Fine! The bedroom.” She stomped past him, her feet pounding the wooden floor. He’d see how difficult she could make his life. She wasn’t some newly married woman, who needed a keeper. Hell, for years she ran this house while he worked sixty hours a week, she didn’t need him to take the lead role bossing her around then, and she certainly didn’t need it now. She had carried on just fine without his interference.

As soon as she entered the room, she put her hands on her hips spinning around. “David, this is insane. I refuse to do this.”

Both his eyebrows shot up. “You refuse. The rules have been in place for this family for years; you don’t get to disrespect someone and upset them to this degree without consequences. Have these or have these not been the rules of the house?”

“Well…yes, but they don’t count for this situation.”

David laughed out loud. “Oh really? I’m anxious to hear how they don’t count.”

Pam stomped her foot on the floor—hard. “Don’t laugh at me. I mean it. It doesn’t count because it’s regarding our son, that’s why.”

“First. Don’t stomp your feet at me again or I’ll add the paddle after the belt. Second. You’ve never been allowed to berate someone in defense of the children. I seem to remember a certain young lady getting a good ass whipping for making a second-grade teacher cry. That was you, wasn’t it?”

“You know damn well it was me, David. Don’t patronize me. I’m in no mood. This is serious!”

“Indeed. It’s severe. Let me ask you a question.” David readjusted his stance. “How would you feel in two months if you weren’t invited to Maddox’s house for Thanksgiving or Christmas?”

Well, shit!

Pam didn’t like the thought of it—at all. She always pictured herself as the loving and kind mother-in-law, understanding and accommodating. She didn’t want to be like her mother-in-law.

David walked up to her tilting her chin up. “Exactly. You don’t want to be like my mother. You always swore you would do whatever was necessary to keep your children and grandchildren close. Here’s your opportunity, honey. I’m not going to let you ruin it. You’ll be sitting on a sore bottom for a couple of days as a reminder of how a very grown woman is supposed to act.

Then we’re going to see if we can help them with wedding plans, spending time with them so you can prove what a wonderful woman and mother-in-law you are—but that will occur after I blister your ass. Clothes off. You won’t need them again for the night.”


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