M = Masturbation #SpankA2Z #Masturbation #SpankingRomance 6

M = Masturbation

I wasn’t really sure how to start this.  I mean we read and write about masturbation, we love masturbation, but how do you write a blog about masturbation??!  

I’m always amazed if I hear of a woman who has never masturbated. I’m not trying to exclude men here, but I’m not sure I’ve ever run across a guy who has never masturbated. I’m sure there must be at least one guy who hasn’t.  But women seem to shy away from it or they’ve never even “stumbled” upon it.  And if they’ve masturbated, it’s NEVER discussed.  EVER. 

I don’t want to veer into toys, that’s a whole other ball of yarn and will probably be a post later on.

I’m also amazed at the couples who haven’t masturbated during sex.  You learn your partners likes and dislikes by watching them masturbate. If you haven’t done this, grab some lube and some toys and enjoy each other in a new way.

Even writing this is so uncomfortable.  Why can’t we say we like it? Why can’t we openly discuss it?  I think that’s what I love about this little Spanking Romance group–we can openly talk about our love of spanking, anal, toys, and masturbation. I’ve had many discussions with these women in regard to masturbation.  We’ve exchanged ideas on the best toys, the best lubes, warm vs. hot lubes, cool and tingly lubes, etc.

I think younger women are more open about this.  At my work place, the young women loved talking to me about many different subjects, I don’t think anything was left not discussed. One of the things, they loved comparing was their new toys.  My God, I never knew there were so many toys. These women were the ones that told me about AdamEve.com 

After reading Mastering Inga, my husband decided that I am to ask for permission before masturbating.  I’m NOT happy.  I’ve struggled with this new rule.  A LOT!!  And more than once I’ve disobeyed and, because I can’t lie (dammit) or hide evidence well (apparently), I’ve suffered the consequences of that defiance. It’s one thing to read and write about this rule, but quite another to have it imposed upon you.  When the rubber hits the road, this is probably the most difficult rule I have had up to this point.  I hate having to text him or worse yet, walk up to him and ask for permission.  Lord, I blush just thinking about it.  Grrrrr.

M = Masturbation.

I’m not sure how to end something like this…..Do I say, happy masturbating?  Have toys, will masturbate?  Go forth and masturbate?

Yeah, those’ll do.  Have a good day!  Keep calm and masturbate!

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