The Little Sleepover by Meredith O’Reilly



Hi! Thank you for having me over on your blog today to help promote my new short story, The Little Sleepover!!

In this snippet, Juliana has earned herself a spanking.

I smacked her sit spots first, her least favorite place for me to hit. She squealed, wiggling on my lap.

I spanked them again and then went up to her cheeks, giving each one three spanks.

“Ouch! Daddy, I’m sorry,” she yelled, trying to cover her bottom with her hands. I grabbed both of them in one of mine and pinned them to her back.

“Trying to cover your butt during a punishment just earned you a couple more smacks.”

Ignoring her protests, I started her spanking again, alternating between each cheek I spanked and continuing to give attention to her sit spots as well.

Smack! “You. Will. Not. Jump. On the bed,” I said, smacking her ass between each of my words.

The skin on her butt began to turn as red as a raspberry and heated very quickly. I was sure that it must be stinging her, since my hand was beginning to sting.

She started to cry. Those first sniffles were breaking my heart, but she had broken the rules and had earned this.

Smack! “You. Will. Always. Be respectful. To Uncle Jackson. And listen to him.”

“I’m s-sorry,” she sobbed, her breaths coming out in little pants.

Giving her a moment to catch her breath, I rubbed her backside, spreading the heat all around.

When her breathing evened out, I placed the last set of spanks she had earned down on her bright red bottom.

Smack! “You. Will. Follow the rules. Always.”

Placing one final slap in the center of her ass, I finished the spanking.

She sagged against my lap, not fighting me at all when I lifted her and turned her so she was sitting on my lap.


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The Little Sleepover Blurb

When twenty-five-year-old Samantha Briggs invites her best friend and fellow little Juliana over for a sleepover, Juliana’s daddy drops her off at Samantha’s house with stern instructions to be a good girl and obey Samantha’s daddy.

The evening is filled with coloring, cartoons, baking cookies, and giggling, and when it’s time for bed Samantha and Juliana decide they aren’t done having fun. But after they’re caught jumping on the bed late at night, they soon find their bottoms bared for a sound spanking as they are reminded what happens to naughty girls who disobey their daddies.

Publisher’s Note: The Little Sleepover is a short story set in the world of Little Samantha’s Choice and Learning to Be Little Again. It includes spankings, age play, and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


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