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Hello fellow WIP It Up Friends!! 

This week I have another snippet from my WIP that I have affectionately and creatively called Preston and Avery LOL.  

Avery has committed a crime and her sentence is to clean Preston’s house to pay off the fine to the County.  Her service is for six months and she is not happy with the details of the sentence and the rules she must adhere to while residing at Preston’s house. And Preston isn’t happy with her reaction to the rules.  

 “Avery Rose, you need to calm down.  And you most definitely need to stop with the swearing and disrespect.  You won’t like the consequences.”
“I’m not liking the consequences of anything today.   Why should I care about those consequences?”  She tried to skirt around him hoping to leave the house. 
Preston blocked her path and put an arm around her waist. “Because the consequences will be painful and you’ve had a rough day already.”
“Fuck you, Preston!” She took the palm of her hands and pushed on his chest.  However, she was small enough that he didn’t even teeter from her push. At which point, she then slapped his arm, hard.  She definitely had some spunk, but she needed a lesson and he was the man to teach it.  
“That’s it!  You were warned.  You’re not allowed to put your hands on anyone in anger and you most definitely will not shove or hit me ever again.”  He still had a hold of her waist and he pulled her over to the kitchen chair he was sitting in and with no preamble tossed her over his lap. His pink dress shirt had risen up on her legs in this position and the underside of her bottom in her pink panties was peeking out from the crisp cotton tail.  He pushed the tail of the shirt up onto her back and for the first time since they started this conversation, Miss Avery Rose had no quips or comments. 
“All of a sudden you seem a bit speechless, Avery Rose.”  His hand was resting upon her bottom, which was clenching and unclenching he was assuming in fear and anticipation.
“Y-you can’t do this?  Isn’t this against the r-rules?” Avery was looking over her shoulder at Preston, very concerned.
“When you’re in my house, it’s my rules.  Correction: When you’re in my presence, it’s my rules.   I don’t answer to anybody.  And nobody –and I mean nobody—is ever allowed to put their hands on me.  And as you’re about to find out, little one, if you’re unwise and you do put your hands on me, the consequences are swift and painful.”  He patted her bottom several times lightly just to reinforce his authority. “When we’re done with your upcoming spanking, if you want to leave, I’ll drive you to the soup kitchen or women’s shelter and you can reside there for the next six months working for them.  I do believe you’ll be more comfortable here than there but that’s entirely up to you.  But if you decide to  stay, you will treat me with the respect I demand and deserve or you’ll find sitting very painful.  Now, you’ve been asking for a spanking for over an hour, let’s get you your spanking so you can finally relax.”   
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