Lanie’s Lessons by Maddie Taylor

Happy Friday Everyone!!  Today I have the lovely and talented Maddie Taylor on my blog with her new book, Lanie’s Lessons.   I just started this book last night and as a Maddie Taylor fan I have to tell you this one may be her hottest book yet!! 

She gave us a special treat today:  The blurb is a sexy professor and naughty student excerpt with a very sexy picture!  

Attorney Lanie
Fischer is a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom, but the stress of her
caseload has been mounting relentlessly. She puts on a brave face at work, but
behind closed doors Lanie has become an emotional wreck, and her husband, law
professor Ethan Fischer, is tired of watching her self-destruct. She’s not
sleeping, she’s lost weight, and their sex life is starting to suffer.
Something has to give, and as far as he is concerned, it is time for a radical
new approach. From now on, Ethan decides, his wife will be spending quite a bit
of quality time over his knee with her bottom bare, learning some lessons she
has needed for a long time.
Some of Lanie’s
spankings turn out to be purely erotic, ending with the hottest sex she and
Ethan have ever had, but others are meant to teach her what happens when
naughty wives disobey their husbands and fail to take care of themselves.
Unconventional though it may be, to her surprise Lanie soon begins to crave
both her husband’s sexier spankings and his discipline as well. But can she
live happily as a loving wife and obedient submissive at home even as she
battles in court at work every day, or will the conflicting demands tear her
Note: Lanie’s Lessons is an erotic romance novel that contains
spankings, sexual scenes, elements of medical play and BDSM, anal play, and
more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.
In this scene,
Ethan has a surprise for Lanie.  In the
guise or stern Professor Fischer, her selects her outfit and orders her to
present herself in his classroom for a much needed lesson in deportment.   Enjoy…
As she approached his office, she noticed the door
was ajar, allowing her to walk right in. Immediately, her gaze landed on a
large white box tied prettily with a huge red bow. Sitting front and center on
his desk, it was impossible to miss. Hands trembling with anticipation, she
reached for the small envelope that was tucked under the ribbon. The name on the
front, written in Ethan’s familiar bold script, was a surprise. She paused
briefly, considering what it could mean, but didn’t have a clue. Thoroughly
intrigued, she unfolded it and read the note
outfit for our appointment this evening is in the box. Put it on, then meet me
down the hall in room 112. Do not dawdle or there will be additional
A quiver that started in her belly at the use of her
maiden name and the formal address. It changed into a full-fledged flutter at
the mention of additional consequences. Dying to know what her naughty
professor was up to, she quickly set the note aside and with eager fingers tore
into the box. The bright red ribbon was nothing to her eager fingers and in a
single tear, it was gone and she pulled off the lid. As she took in the
contents, her breath hitched sharply and a wave of excitement zipped through
her. Folded neatly in white tissue paper lay a traditional schoolgirl uniform.
Consisting of a white blouse with a Peter Pan collar and a pleated red plaid
skirt, also included was a pair of anklet socks and a not-so-traditional black
Mary Jane shoes with a four-inch stacked heel. The shoes were incongruent with
the outfit, but made it sexy—big girl sexy. It all seemed deliciously taboo.
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