L = Leash– Second Time Lucky by Maddie Taylor 1

L = Leash 

Sean brings his girlfriend and newbie submissive to a club in Washington D.C.  It’s not a club that big on protocol, but there is one rule.  Uncollared subs who misbehave are punished by the Dom who witnesses the naughty behavior.  Sean doesn’t share, so he collars Mara and to keep from getting separated, he adds a leash.  For safety, you see. 

Here’s an “L for leash” excerpt from
Second Time Lucky
Club Decadence Book 5
“Your girl is pure temptation in pink, as sweet and appealing as bubble gum. I’d keep a close watch. We have a few AP Doms who are seeking a little. She is going to catch their eye.”
“I’ve got that covered.”
Mara had no idea what they meant and turned to ask Sean, losing her thought as she watched him withdraw a three-foot long leather leash from his pocket. As he clipped it to her collar, her jaw dropped. It stayed that way until his finger beneath her chin lifted and she closed her mouth.
“It’s for safety,” he explained, “this way we can’t get separated.”
“Holding my hand wouldn’t have done the same?” she inquired saucily at last finding her tongue.
“Oh ho!” The Baron’s resounding laugh had them turning. “Either her sweet packaging is deceiving and you have a S.A.M. on your hands, or she needs a bit more training. You’re in the right place, my friend. We have everything you need for that.”
Mara stiffened, as Sean’s hand wrapped around the back of her neck. “She is new, Master Baron. Tonight is her first club visit, but that doesn’t excuse disrespect. I’ll see to her correction after we’ve had a chance to look around and get the feel for your club.”
“Excellent. Oh, and please, drop the title, Master Baron sounds a bit too—”
“Pompous?” Mara supplied before she could stop herself.
“Mara, behave,” Sean hissed, his fingers tightening in her hair. An attention getter which caused her no pain, yet warned she was pushing it.
“Ah, maybe not a S.A.M. after all, but a brat. Even better. Their tears flow so much freer.” With a wink to Mara, the Baron slapped Sean on the shoulder as if they were old friends and charter members in the Dom brotherhood. “I am definitely going to have a front row seat for her punishment. I love to see a naughty sub get her comeuppance.”
She didn’t much like the sound of that or the arrogant Baron either, and whispered, “Master.”
“Silence, Mara. I think you’ve said enough for now.”

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