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I’d like to thank everyone for the beautiful two weeks that Cinch Your Saddle has been out.  Everyone has loved Angus and Clara, maybe even more than I did, which I didn’t think was possible.  There is a twist in this book and I don’t want to give any spoilers, but here is a snippet of the kidnapping that occurs on the  Widow Wagon.

She just knew she’d vomit. She’d been thrown over the horse and the saddle horn was jammed painfully into her belly. Every time she tried to break free and throw herself off the horse, the vile man riding the beast would swat her backside so hard she bit off a scream.
“Stay still. You ain’t getting off this horse until I say, and if I gotta stop to make that point clearer, it’ll be said with my hand on your bare backside. So stop your kicking and flailing.” He swatted her backside several times in a row until she screeched.
He had long brown hair, and a beard. She couldn’t see much of him in this position, but none of them seemed too appealing. Only God knew how long it’d been since any of them had showered. The only thing she was sure of was the strength and hardness of his right hand. After several of those painful smacks, she decided that she’d lay low for a bit and escape after she got off the horse.
“You’re gonna be a sorry girl. We ain’t letting you back to those people until they pay us a good sum to get you back. How much trouble were you? ‘Cause if they’re glad to be done with you, you’ll be sold off at the closest saloon.”
The rider who spoke to her had ridden up to their left. He appeared to be as dirty and unshaven as her captor. She didn’t want to think about the fact that Angus might be glad to have her gone. What if he decided to not pay for her release? She couldn’t be a whore. She’d been bred for better than a common trollop in a saloon.
Smack! “Ow!” She tried to reach around to rub her sore bottom, but his body was in the way.
“Kane asked you a question. How much trouble were you out there? And who were you with?”
The vile man they called Silas, her captor, kept a hand on her ass, she assumed as a warning. “Uhm. Well, I was a little bit of trouble. But the Widow Wagon will come looking for you all. Angus ain’t going to let anything happen to one of his women.”
At that, Kane laughed, yelling over his shoulder. “Red, get your ass up here. You ain’t gonna believe this.”
The last one of the renegades had red hair, which she assumed was the source of his name. He had a couple teeth missing, and she didn’t like the evil sneer he shot her way, like she was a fresh piece of meat hanging from a tree.
Kane let go an annoying laugh — which seemed never ending — then pointed at her. “She says she’s from something called the ‘Widow Wagon’ and was, as she put it, ‘a little bit of trouble.’”

“What the fuck is a widow wagon?” He looked to Silas to see if he knew.
Silas shrugged and gave him a smile. “I ain’t never heard of it neither, so don’t ask me.”

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