Keep Your Panties From Getting in a Wad! 20

Happy Saturday Spankings!   I have my new book title and it should be out the end of next week!!  The title is:  The Little Princess Cruise

This week you get to meet another married couple on the cruise:  Bob and Becca.  Bob is a Human Resources Director and his wife Becca is a cashier who role plays a teenager.   Becca is a very mouthy and rebellious teenager. (And I had a blast writing about her!)  In this scene Becca has just caused a scene at her mani/pedi with the other littles on the ship and received a spanking from Momma G.   She is now going to get punished by Daddy Bob for this misbehavior also.  Here is the snippet: 

She felt her heart drop and her clit throbbed on cue, “But you have a belt on, why do I have got to go down the hallway to get one?”
“Because I want you to exhibit obedience in your punishment, since you were unable to follow the most minor of rules today. Now. Go.”
She walked off in a snit, she hated when he got this way, “Keep your panties from getting in a wad.”
 He was snapping his finger at her which was supposed to make her move quicker, but it always seemed to have the opposite effect, “Rebecca Lynne, keep your mouth shut and move!”
“Becca, if you aren’t out here in ten seconds, I’m choosing the implement and I’m thinking you won’t like my choice.”
“Holy cow, what’s the damn ass rush, I’m workin’ on it, old man!” Before she could finish the sentence, two hundred pounds of angry Daddy was in the doorway and stalking toward her faster than she could get away. He grabbed her arm, pulling on the button on her jeans and yanking both her jeans and panties down to her knees, hobbling her, and leaving her totally exposed.

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