Jerking Preston’s Leash–Finding Submission #BDSM #PetPlay 15

Hi WIP It Up Wednesday fans!!   Finding Submission has been out a week now and is doing very well.   In this scene, Preston has brought Avery to the playroom and they having been doing kitten play.  However, Avery has decided to rebel, which is pretty normal for her.

Clipping the leash to her collar, he tugged on it. “Crawl, Avery.”   
What the hell? This was fun for a while, but this is getting old.
She wasn’t sure she liked him talking to her like a real cat — and even real cats didn’t walk just because you told them to.
Her kitten never, ever walked, sat, begged… or for that matter do anything she asked it to.  Isn’t that what kittens do?
Avery decided now was a good time to show him how a real kitten would behave if you tugged at its leash and said ‘crawl’, so she sat back on her heels pulling her head back, jerking the leash in his hand.  
Preston raised an eyebrow.  “Avery, what do you think you’re doing?  Do you really want to fight me on this? Is there a problem?”
Avery scowled at him. “Yeah, there’s a fucking problem.  I’m not a dog.  I’m a kitten.  Kittens don’t come when they’re called.  They don’t walk on a leash.  They don’t even beg.  And I don’t like you tugging on my leash, just like how my kitty didn’t like it.”  She smiled at him, feeling proud of herself.  To prove her point, she tugged on the leash again.   
Preston squatted in front of her, tilting her chin up so he could look her in the eyes.  “Avery, I’m aware how a kitten acts.  But you’re role playing a kitten.  And this kitten listens to her owner and obeys his commands because if she doesn’t, she ends up getting her little tail spanked until it’s very red. And you don’t swear, especially since you aren’t supposed to be talking.  But before we go any further, you’re getting your first spanking as my kitten.  You will not talk to me in that tone of voice, and you will not defy me by refusing to move when asked. You might as well find out now that I won’t tolerate it.”
“B-but I—“
“No, no speaking.   I want you head down, ass up for your spanking, Kitten.”  Preston pointed to the floor, waiting for her obedience. 
Avery hesitated, but he looked pretty serious, slapping the pink leather handle against his leg.   She knew from past punishments, the longer she waited to obey, the longer and harsher the punishment.   She immediately got into position.  
“Very nice, Avery.   Now, I want you to keep position.  You’re allowed to cry, but no speaking.  If you move out of position, extras will be added.”  Preston tapped the leash on her bottom. He took hold of the tail with an uncomfortable tug on her dark hole, the softness of the fur across her right hip as he moved it out of the way.   She regretted talking to him about how a kitty acts.  What did she know about kitty play?  Why did she always feel a need to insert her opinion, to make him see it her way, to do things her way? Ultimately, she did it his way, every time.  She usually wanted to do it his way, but she felt a need to show him that she was independent.  She fought giving in, fought submitting — but she wanted desperately for him to force her anyway.  She wanted him to care enough to guide her, and give her boundaries.  Truly, she wanted to please him.  He was always checking on her, making sure she was okay — not hungry, not too tired, not overwhelmed.  Preston was a caring individual — but he was also stern, exacting, judicial, and demanded her obedience.
Literally jerking his chain was probably not the wisest decision you’ve ever made.  
“Avery, sweetie, are you there?   I asked if you were ready, and you didn’t even hear me.  Are you okay, Kitten?”  Preston moved to her side, peering down at her.  
“Yeah, I’m okay.  I was just thinking that… I really want to obey you, and make you happy.”  She looked up at him, tears clouding her vision. “I don’t know why I do these things.”  
“It’s okay, sweetie.  I know why you do it.”  He stroked her cheek.  “You want reassurance. You’re an independent woman, you want me to know that.  I assure you, I know it.  But I’ll always be here to give you boundaries, and I will never, ever, hesitate to reinforce those boundaries on your bare  bottom

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