Jason Steele, Bodyguard & Chauffer, Spanks His Wife

Today I’m going to share a couple secondary characters in My Russian Master–Jason and Karen Steele. Jason is Caroline Turner’s bodyguard and chauffer–and he’s HOT as hell.  He took my breathe away at some points.  I totally based his character on Jason Statham.

In this scene Jason has come home unannounced to administer some discipline 🙂

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.  And don’t forget the links are below if you haven’t picked the book up.  And if you have picked it up, I’d love to hear what you thought.  Leave a review — even if it is four words.  I’d love to know!


Jason came through the door of his house,
tossing his keys into a basket on a table. Stalking through the kitchen to the
attached living room, he found his wife watching a movie, her legs wrapped in a
blanket, a steaming cup of coffee in her hand.
“Stand up.”
Her eyes widened, her throat visibly working to swallow, putting her coffee cup down, tossing the blanket aside and standing in front of the burgundy, leather couch.
“Did you pay the bills last week?” He stood closer to her, his hands on his hips.
“Excuse me?” He furrowed his eyebrows at her.
“I’m sorry. Yes, Sir.”
“Imagine my surprise when the bank called me today to say that they covered a check, but we needed to transfer money because we were overdrawn.”
“Wait…what? This doesn’t make sense, I balance the account all the time. I’m not overdrawn.” She started to leave the room, he assumed to retrieve the checkbook from her purse.
He snatched her arm, putting her back in her original spot. “I didn’t give you permission to leave the room, girl.”
“B-but Ja—”
“What do you call me in a punishment, Karen? And, yes, this has become a punishment.”
“That’s right. And you don’t need to get your checkbook. I already know what made the account become overdrawn. Do you want to know?” He stroked the back of his knuckles down her cheek.
Her voice shook as she spoke. “Yes, Sir.”
“It seems my wife bought a dress at Cherie’s — a hundred and fifty dollar dress, making our mortgage payment almost bounce. If it hadn’t been for our savings account and good standing at the bank, we would’ve caused a mark in our credit rating. Does that dress ring a bell for you, my dear?”
“Oh, no,” She put her hand to her mouth, her eyes wide and brightening with tears.
“Push your yoga pants and panties to your ankles.”
She hooked her thumbs into the waistband pushing both of them down to her ankles in one swoop. Her bare pussy, the peach skin he knew was baby soft, but he wouldn’t touch her. Not now. This was a
“So explain to me how you purchased this dress, knowing it would bounce our mortgage check. I’m anxious to hear this.” He crossed his arms over his chest. Her hands were playing with the hem of her shirt and she couldn’t keep consistent eye contact with him.
“I… well, I thought the check had been cashed and when I saw what I thought was extra money, I purchased a dress for the wedding we have coming up for your friend Craig. I really thought it’d been cashed.”
“You were careless. If you’d taken the time to plan the purchase, assuring what the balance in the account was, this wouldn’t have happened. You were anxious to meet your needs, not thinking of the household. It won’t happen again.” He pulled the tail of his belt through the buckle, sliding the leather through the loops, the leather slapping against the fabric.
He pointed to the couch with the doubled belt in his hand. “Turn around, hands on the seat.”
They’d been married for fifteen years, she knew when to be quiet and submit to a punishment. He ran his hand over the soft, pale skin of her bottom. Milky white and unmarred—but not for long. He tapped his wide belt across her, watching the goose flesh rise on her gorgeous ass. She’d given birth to two kids, her hips widening with each one, and he swore he loved every change more.
“I’m going to blister your ass with this belt until I feel you’ve learned your lesson. You know the rules during a punishment. If you break any of them, we’ll continue with the paddle upstairs. Understood?”
“Yes, Sir.” She shuffled her feet a bit in anticipation.
He swung his arm out, snapping the hard leather on her ass. She started to stand, catching herself, putting her hands back.
“Good girl.” He swung the strap, overlapping each stripe, her ass wobbling with each lash. Her ass, already pink, quickly turned into a deeper shade of pink with each strike. Rising up on her toes, she stomped the heels of her feet on the floor, desperately trying to ease the pain.
“Oh, Sir! I’m so sorry!”
“I’m sure you are — now! Do you think you will remember to check the account before you make a purchase?” The underside of her bottom were the next target, he placed five licks of the belt there. She screeched, stiffening and leaning so far forward, she was almost lying down. He pulled on her hip
roughly, yanking her into the bent over position again.
“Stick your bottom out. You know better than that, you’re receiving three from the paddle for that bit of disobedience. Bottom out!”
 She sobbed pitifully — he’d finish soon. She dipped her back, that luscious ass spreading. He slapped the crest of her backside several times, quickly finishing with the hard ending volley. She’d dropped her forehead to the seat of the couch, sobbing quietly.
He thread the belt back into his pants, watching her compose herself. She took deep breaths, exhaling slowly. She’d calmed down enough that they could progress to the next step.
 “Take your pants and panties off completely, and then walk upstairs to our room.” She hated this part. Hated walking up the stairs partially naked, with her red, freshly spanked ass right in front of his face, knowing he’d be watching her jiggle and sway with each step. And this was why he’d made it a common part of their punishment sessions.


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