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Well, I had hoped my book would be out by today but, alas, it isn’t.  But it will be soon!!  It’s like waiting for the first snow–it’s coming, you can’t wait and when it does come–it’s so damn pretty!  It will be worth the wait I promise.   

In this snippet, Gabby was just caught by Daddy Jace swearing at an important client.  Daddy Jace never allows her to swear, let alone swear at a client.   Jace just told her, “I want you to stand in your corner waiting for your soaping and paddling.”

“Two, it’s your corner because I say it is.  And it certainly isn’t anyone else’s corner.  You’re the only little girl I require to stand in it, see how lucky you are?”  He smiled at her, leaning in to kiss her nose.

Gabby rolled her eyes, “I don’t feel so lucky right about now.”

         “I know you don’t.  But imagine how out of control and what a shrew you’d be without me.  You need boundaries little girl, you like being fenced in just enough to keep you civil and calm.  The discipline soothes your spirit baby.”  

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