It’s Not My Waiting Bench — #SatSpanks 13

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!  It was cold, windy, and snowy here!  But a fun night!  This week we are continuing with Preston and Avery.  Avery has defied orders on her first day at Preston’s house and is now being sent to sit on an antique “Waiting Bench” which is in the corner in his den.  

“Avery, sweetie,” he put his hand under her chin gently raising her head to look into her eyes “You really don’t want to push this, do you?  Be a good girl and pull your pants and panties down so you can go sit on your bench in the den.”

She pulled in a shaky breath she started to hook her thumbs into her shorts and she muttered something under her breath—well she thought it was under her breath, but Preston heard it.  He stopped her deciding he would make her repeat it. 

“I’m sorry, what did you say?   If you’re going to say something derogatory, say it loud enough to be heard or keep it in your head–repeat what you just said, please, loudly.  And look me in the eye as you say it.”  Preston adjusted his stance putting both hands on his hips waiting. 

“Uhm, I said.  It’s not my waiting bench and then I said asshole,” keeping eye contact, but as soon as she was done, she dropped her gaze playing with the hem of her shirt.  

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