Is That Clear, Miss Inga #SatSpanks #BDSM #M/s #SwedishNanny 4

I have another snippet from my new book which should be out very soon.  After the loss of his wife, Garrett sought the services of a European nanny.  Garrett has hired Inga, the Swedish live-in nanny.   This is her first morning in the house–and her first disagreement–but not her last with Garrett.

Inga turned his way,”I’m not someone who’ll rein them in just to appease the adult in the room.”
Garrett put down the dish towel he used for drying the dishes, and stalked her way, “Madam, we’re definitely having a discussion about this. I did not say I want you to curb their creativity; I’ll be sending them to Montessori school so that they’ll be able to channel that creativity, and learn how to utilize it in their everyday lives. However, as I stated previously, I will not have my house looking like a toy room. There’s a large playroom in this house and that’s where the toys are meant to be.” 
Garrett moved into her personal space, his nose almost touching hers as he continued, “As for ‘appeasing the adult in the room,’ since I’m the only adult in this room that requires appeasement, it’ll be one of the rules that should be adhered to. You should never doubt for one second that I’m to be appeased at all times. Is that clear enough for you, Miss Inga?”
Lips pursed and jaw tight, she raised her chin in defiance, her breathing had quickened, the swells of her breasts rising and falling rapidly.
It appeared he’d angered her.

I’m hoping to have a cover reveal this week AND release date!!  I’ll keep you posted


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