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     Hi Fellow WIP It Up Fans and Writers!   It’s been a while–I’ve been busy in my writing cave.  I’ve finished a book and it’s going to be self-published very soon!  I had a lot of fun writing this book and cried a lot of tears.   There are some very emotional pieces in this book.   Well, without further ado.

     Garrett’s wife–and slave–died suddenly and he now has two preschoolers and house that’s a mess–so he places an ad to Swedish Nanny Agency and hires Inga.   In this next snippet Inga has just read the ad, looked at the family pictures, and has started to…….  well read on.

    Inga sat on her bed brushing her hair. The agency had sent her an ad from a widowed surgeon in the States who had been looking for a nanny, preferably a European nanny to live in his house, care for his two toddlers, and take care of the running of the house. She picked up the pictures of him with the children, the property, and her living quarters. Mr. Anderson with his brown curly hair and green eyes, appeared younger than his thirty-six years.. He had laugh lines, which was always a good sign. But upon closer inspection, she could see the vertical lines between his eyebrows, something that made her picture a man concentrating, studying, being serious.
     She focused on his laugh lines. She liked to laugh and play, and she needed someone who would appreciate that. He appeared to be around six feet tall, slender, but muscular. The paper said he was a hand surgeon. He appeared to be laughing in the picture, and looking at the warmth in his gaze, she wondered if he was the type of man where his children were the center of his world. She hoped so, anyway.
    His little girl—what was her name? She pulled the paper up again—Madalyn. She closed her eyes and said it out loud.
     The girl had dark hair and eyes. She must have taken after her mother. She had delicate features on ivory skin, long, dark eyelashes framing her eyes. But her smile was definitely her father’s.
     The little boy—Liam—took much more after his dad. He looked like a younger, fairer version of his handsome father. Liam had blond hair and blue eyes that would probably turn a pretty green by the time he was a teenager. He had deep dimples as he smiled in his picture, and again she wondered if those might have come from his mother. He still had the pudginess of a baby moving into toddlerhood. She imagined him, waiting for the picture to be taken, bouncing on his feet , with all the vigor of a child who couldn’t wait to explore life.
     When she looked at the picture Mr. Anderson had sent, they looked like a normal family. She would have never guessed the pain and heartache they’d suffered in such a short time. What an awful situation to be in. This family would require extra care and sensitivity. She was pretty sure that the house would be a mess and that the children would need to re-establish routines again.
     Inga had decided she would take the job as soon as she’d read his letter, and saw the pictures. This would be a perfect home for her. She loved serving …in every sense of the word. 
     Don’t get ahead of yourself, Inga.  You have no idea what he’s like – or what he likes.
     Still, a part of her wondered – and longed.
      Inga looked at his hands. They were the hands of a white-collar worker, and definitely matched how she’d imagined a surgeon’s hands might look. Long, slender fingers, smooth but strong. .How would those fingers feel sliding into her pussy, squeezing and caressing her breasts? She visualized sucking those fingers, their smoothness gliding upon her tongue. How would those hands feel spanking her bottom? With those long fingers, she knew his hand would cover a large area, if not all of her bottom.
     Inga moved her hand into her panties, the other slipping inside her bra, massaging her nipples. She brought the juices from her pussy up to her clit, lightly circling it with feathery touches. She imagined his hand was the one in her panties. She focused on his long, slender fingers in the picture, imagining how smooth and soft they would feel, wet with her juices as they slid over her smooth labia. He would bring his finger to her clit, while his other hand would knead her breast, pulling and pinching her nipple. Inga rolled onto her stomach on the bed, imagining that she was over his knee getting a spanking.
     What would he be like as a disciplinarian? Would he scold? Would he be the stern and silent type?
She continued stroking her clit, reaching over and grabbing her rabbit vibrator, flipping the switch to turn it on. She pressed the cold latex into her pussy, initially feeling resistance until it was coated with her juices, her sex adjusting to the length and girth. She twisted the rabbit until the vibrating ears hugged her clit. Grinding and humping the toy in a slow, steady rhythm, she imagined herself moving the very same way on his muscular thigh, as those soft hands of steel rained down smarting spanks onto her naughty bottom. She imagined the feel of his denim pants brushing roughly against her bare pussy, her juices soaking the denim to his thigh, the sticky wet spot rubbing on her labia as she ground her pussy into hard, unyielding muscle.

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8 thoughts on “Inga, the Swedish Slave Coming Soon #WIPItUp #BDSM #M/s #Spanking

  • Joelle Casteel

    This is wonderful, Megan 🙂 I so can't wait to read this. I wonder- and of course feel free to tell me "wait for the book to be published" :D- if the children actually have a place in your novel. I do so adore when children characters get to be full characters and impact upon a story- even if we have to be careful to keep them clearly out of sex scenes.

    • Megan Michaels

      The kids are very involved in this story. I think they're in almost every chapter except for the ones where sexy times are happening. But they're very involved even in the end I have them involved in a ceremony

  • Jennifer Reynolds

    Clears throat, looks around for husband. Damn it, he is at work. Sigh no sex for Jennifer.

    I love this scene. We start with her seeing the family, imagining who they are, which shows me she already loves them, then we get to the steamy rabbit vibrator fucking part, and the temp in my room just went up ten degrees. Well done. 🙂