“I’ll Take Delight in Your Misery” The Alien’s Mark (Captives of Pra’kir Book 4)


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This is a VERY dark and twisty capture book.

Blythe and her shipmates after crashing to the shores of Endermere are sent to the Pra’kirian fostering system because on their planet you aren’t an adult until you’re 35. This is NOT ageplay, but there is humiliation, embarrassment, anal play, pet play, shock collars, tattooing, and there is HEAVY capture and non-con themes throughout.  I just want you all to be forewarned 🙂
I’ve had four beta readers and ALL OF THEM have said this is the HOTTEST and BEST book I’ve written to date.
I had been writing this book for about three weeks and I kept picturing Dr. Xan Breckett in my mind, and one day it dawned on me that it was Clive Owen from the television show The Knick (A Victorian medical show:)  Here’s a picture, so you can see him too.
Without further delay, here’s a sexy excerpt for you all.

She stared at the varying lengths of bamboo, rattan, and birch, fingering the smooth lengths lined by size along the back wall.

“Keep going—yes. Over there on the far right. I want the one with the red mark on the handle. Ahhhh, yes, that’s the one.”

She picked it up, running the palm of her hand along the smooth wood. It didn’t seem fearsome, but the gleam in his eye and his evil grin spoke otherwise. His sadistic delight had her insides roiling, her steps slowing in her march back to him.

Xan’s dark eyes watched her intensely, like a lion with his prey. When she was close enough, he took the rod from her, pulling her naked body to stand toe-to-toe with him. “From now on, since biting is an issue for you, the shock to both your neck and anus will be phase one of your punishment. Phase two will be the oak paddle.” He nodded at the vile implement. “Phase three will be this rod—spanking your little pucker along with three lashes of the same rod over your paddled bottom.”

“I-I need to leave this house. I th-think I’ll need to contact the magistrate and the Council of Nine to move me to another house. D-do I have an advocate, Sir?”

His large, beautiful mouth curved into a full smile. “Advocate? Is that what you said?”

She nodded, his face blurring through her watery gaze.

He laughed a low, almost sinister chuckle. “My dear pet, you’ll find you have no advocate. I’m the only voice you’ll have from now on. I’ll meet your needs and, in turn, demand your obedience in all things. Your wants and desires are really of no consequence to me. You see, you’ve been given to me as a gift, and I understand at this moment you may not see me as a gift, but someday, girl, hopefully sooner rather than later, you’ll come to see me in this light. But, until then, you’ll receive no reprieve from my training regimen for you.”

His finger swiped at a tear on her cheek, and he brought the watery evidence of her sadness to his lips. “Nothing is sweeter than the salty tears of a submissive. I’ll take delight in your misery because it satisfies a longing in me.”

For the first time, her plight became crystal clear. This was her punishment for crashing into Endermere, and he was the gift she’d been given instead of death.

Death would’ve been kinder.

She pulled in a shaky breath, staring into the dark depths of her captor’s eyes, hoping to discover mercy or kindness there…and finding none.

Xan leaned forward his eyebrows furrowed, speaking in a low growl of warning. “You have no rights, prisoner. You crashed into our town and destroyed our beaches, killing people. Our kindness as a planet has placed you in my house, and my status as a respected doctor for our community that has placed you in this respectable household.”


He put his hand up to halt her. “No, you listen. Your wishes and desires are no longer of concern to me, the Magistrate, or the Council of Nine. You’ll be punished severely, used as a sex toy, and you’re here to meet my every need. You’ll learn obedience is rewarded.” He stroked his cool long knuckles along the side of her face, and she forced herself to not cringe at his touch.

“Good girls are happier, no doubt. But, whether you’re an unhappy bad girl or not is totally up to you. Just know I don’t care— my only desire is your obedience.”

She may have been spared the death penalty or whatever fate would have awaited her in prison, but she’d been placed into a house with a sadistic psychopath who believed in punishing women with a cabinet full of implements.

I may have been better off with the death penalty. I’m not the submitting type.


THE ALIEN’S MARK (Teaser by Alyssa Hart, AllyCat Designs)

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