I Will Bite You – Saturday Spankings 16

Welcome to Saturday Spankings!  My book has a new title, “What Naughty Little Girls Get” and I have approved the cover, the release should be soon!!  Here is another excerpt today.  Meggie has had a terrible day at work and is snapping at Daddy Michael, who is quickly losing his patience.

“Don’t even think about it; I will fight you, Michael.  You are not going to lay a hand on me, I am tired and cranky and I don’t need any of your bullshit tonight!  So just stuff it!”  She turned to walk away but Michael grabbed her by the arm and pulled her back into the kitchen.
“Well, Missy, last I knew you don’t get to talk to me in that tone of voice, using words like that, and you most definitely do not get to tell me to ‘stuff it’.”  He pushed her up to the bar stools and bent her over one of them.
“You stop it right now, Michael!  Do.  Not.  Spank.  Me.  I swear I will bite you if you think you are going to spank me!”
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