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I = Insolent

adjective: insolent
showing a rude and arrogant lack of respect.
“she hated the insolent tone of his voice”
synonyms: impertinent, impudent, cheeky, ill-mannered, bad-mannered, unmannerly, rude, impolite, uncivil, discourteous, disrespectful, insubordinate, contemptuous;

informalfresh, lippy, saucy, sassy, smart-alecky;

Now anyone who knows me, knows that I have been on occasion (*clears throat*) insolent, sassy, lippy, etc.   And this probably explains why the women I write about tend to be the same.  They try, as I do (honestly, I do try) to behave but people are always there to piss me off.  What is up with that?

My husband used to just tolerate this, he would go out and do yard work until it “passed.”  You know like a tornado or thunderstorm.   However, since I have let him know about my interest in spanking and domestic discipline, he doesn’t tolerate it anymore.  This has been an adjustment for me–no let me correct that–it has been a HUGE adjustment for me.

Twice in the past month I have had to deal with the consequences of my actions.  I don’t even know what I did (which you can now see is part of my problem, you would think I would have remembered the action that precipitated this) but it ended with me saying, “Kiss my ass” and turning to continue what I was doing in the kitchen.  He grabbed my arm and swatted my bottom so hard, I swear it sounded like a gunshot and I felt it for at least an hour.  And within the past week, again I got lippy and he said “that’s it” and got one of those damn large, heavy duty concrete stirrers that I have been writing about.  Well…uhm yeah…and he then  proceeded to paint my bare bottom a pretty shade of pink.  He made sure I was yelping pretty good before he stopped. 

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, I may actually decide to curb this sassy tongue of mine.  Today is our 25th wedding anniversary and I was telling him that I was writing this topic.  His response was “I was oblivious before, now I know your insolence and sassy mouth is a cry for help and I am more than willing to assist.”  Mmmm be careful what you ask for…


This is a little piece I wrote recently that I thought fit with this topic:

 She quickly moved her hands to her face, swiping at the tears on her cheeks and lashes.  He continued to rub her back and bottom and said, “C’mon darlin’ time for your spankin’ now that your warm up is done.”
“What?  Warm up!  Are ya kidding?”
He chuckled.
She continued,  “Hell, no.  You must be nuts.  I am done.  My ass is killing me and I am done.  You spanked me and I learned my lesson.  Easy Peasy.  No fucking way you are spanking me with anything else.”  She smiled at him like that was all she needed to say.  
“No, Katrina Lynne you are not done.  And let me warn you right now.  You will not swear again, unless you want to taste soap.  Am I clear?”
“Swearing. You think swearing is the problem?  Paddling my ass again appears to be the fucking problem if you ask me!”

“That’s it.  I warned you.”  He grabbed her arm and pulled her into the bathroom.  “I will not tolerate swearing and your disobedience is why you are getting spanked tonight.  You are going to find out little girl, that I won’t tolerate outright disobedience and defiance.”  He then grabbed the pump soap and put a dab of liquid soap on his finger.  “Open your mouth.”
She tightened her lips and shook her head no.  He didn’t even speak, he just grabbed her elbow, turned her sideways and started spanking her bottom with his hand—hard and fast.  She started dancing on her toes pulling her hips forward to avoid his heavy-handed blows.  Just as abruptly as he started, he stopped.  While she was crying with her mouth open, he grabbed more liquid soap and rubbed it on her tongue. 
“The next time I tell you to not swear; I bet you’ll listen, won’t you?”
She nodded with tears running down her face. 
“The next time I tell you to open your mouth for a consequence you asked for, you will open your mouth, won’t you?”
Again, she mutely nodded.  He could see her gagging and quietly trying to not swallow.  “Katrina, you are going to have to swallow at some point.  Might was well be now.  Swallow.”
She looked absolutely adorable standing with her pink, well-spanked bottom.  One hand rubbing her cheeks and the other hand wiping the tears on her face. She closed her eyes and swallowed, scrunching her nose as she did.   She really was so sweet.  After a couple minutes of silence he said, “Okay, sweetheart, let’s rinse your mouth.  It tastes mighty awful, doesn’t it?”
She nodded as she grabbed the glass of water he handed her.  While she was bent over rinsing, he was massaging her sore bottom.  “Look at this poor bottom and you still have a punishment coming.  I hate that you didn’t listen, sweetheart.  You are going to find that it is easier to listen.” 
When she finally stood, she looked at him through the mirror and her eyes welled with tears. 
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