I = Iconoduly (Veneration of icons or images) #SpanksA2Z #OCD

I = Iconoduly    Veneration of icons or images 

If I’m asked, I’ll tell you emphatically that I am not someone who suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). However, see those sweet, even cute, little icons above–I love them. Truly love them. But I have rules and systems for those icons, and they are never allowed to stray. 

I make “little houses” for them, and am methodical about how I group them together. I have a grouping called Rain/Nature Stuff (technical, I know) for my three rain apps, thunderstorm app, and my nature sounds app. I have a little house for Television–that has all the pay channels I susbscribe to and any station that has my favorite shows, this way I can watch them from my phone any time I want. Google has its own house.  Weather has one.  Books (of course) which also includes Audible and a PDF reader. There’s a News house.   My Game house–for Candy Crush, Chicktionary, Frozen Free Fall, and Holiday Drops.  And Social Media and Music each have their own house.   

And the icons have to be in a certain order on my phone and in a certain order inside the boxes I’ve made for them.  If these are out of order, I know instantly.  

Every time I change a phone, the icons are THE most stressful part of the process. Most people worry about music, not me.  I worry about my icons. I recently switched over from an iPhone to an Android, and I made the gentleman at the store promise me that my iPhone would be kept in tact so I could make sure that my icons were in the same order on my new phone. Bless his heart, he didn’t blink or furrow his eyebrows toward me at all. He smiled sweetly and said, “Oh, of course.”  I’m sure he treated me the same way you do the person who walks up to you on the street asking if you’d like to pet his invisible dog. But regardless, I made all my “little houses” on the new phone for my favorite icons and put the pages in appropriate order.  

When I received a new iPhone one year for my birthday a few years ago, all my apps were out of order one day after syncing my phone. I remember telling my boss I almost called in sick.  She assured me that it was okay with her if I fixed my phone while sitting at the reception desk up front for the day. 

And anyone who knows me, knows that I love my emoticons too–I have them all in the perfect order too.  This way I can just scroll to the appropriate column and pull down the emoticon that fits perfectly for the moment!  

I’d like to say that it only affects my Emoticons and Icons, but I do the above with M&Ms, Skittles, and Gummy Bears.  And it is a must that I eat them in a way that keeps the evenness of the columns.  So I may have to admit that I suffer from mild OCD.  I prefer to think of it as being organized and liking things in order.  Does that work for you as much as it works for me?  Yes?  Thank you 🙂

I had to know where to get these. You aren’t going to believe this. There is a store called The OCD Candy Company in Tacoma, WA. I effing shit you NOT!!  Click HERE to see their webpage. I WILL be placing an order. I like buying my gummy bears at the bulk section, and it does become a chore some days to get them in lined up order. Especially since some stores don’t make as many cherry ones as they do lemon ones.  :::coughs::: What??? 

Although not clinical, the daughter is worse than I am–so this is one of her birthday presents 🙂   Here’s the link for it on Amazon.

I suffer from Iconoduly—a veneration of icons or images (and apparently that includes M&Ms, Skittles, Gummy Bears, etc.)

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