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I have the very talented Helen Karol on today with an excerpt of her new book His By Design which is on preorder!  You definitely don’t want to miss this book–click on the link to preorder your copy!  Thanks for visiting us In the Den today, Helen.

HIS By Design – You Taste Even Sweeter Than I Imagined.
for having me over, Megan.  Looking
forward to your new western release.  I
thought I’d share a sexy excerpt from my latest book
HIS By Design  A friends to lovers spanking romance, its
available for pre-order at the special price of $2.99 reverting to $4.99 after
 If you can’t wait for the
complete book, the first episode
Coveting Claire is out now for
$0.99 for a limited time and FREE to borrow on Kindle Unlimited. 
This excerpt
is from the next episode to be released later this week.  It joins Julian and Claire the first time
they finally get sexy together after six years of friendship.  Julian has been secretly in love with Claire
for three of those year without her knowing. Will the moment live up to his
Parting her legs, he trailed his tongue along the soft flesh of
her inner thighs, flicking and darting under the edge of her shorts. He stopped
then and she could feel his breath hot and teasing so close to her center. “Hmm
you taste even sweeter than I imagined, Claire.”
She stretched catlike and parted her legs further, enticing him
towards her core. Her voice was a soft moan filled with inquisitive longing.
“Did you imagine often, Julian?”
He groaned and gently bit the soft flesh of her inner
thigh.  “Oh yeah, far, far too often for
my sanity.”
Claire started to giggle at the desperation in his tone, but the
girlish sounded morphed into womanly moans with his next move.  Grasping her buttocks, he took one in each
hand and drew her towards him.  She
gasped when with a swift fluid movement he covered her soft mound with his open
mouth. Even through the material of her thin shorts and cotton lace underwear,
his hot breath sent electric tingles to her clit and pussy.  Arching into the possession of his claiming
mouth she moaned and squirmed, “Oh God, Julian. That feels so good.”
His slow, sensual, exploration of her body had touched almost
every part of her, emotionally as well as physically, arousing her until she
found herself desperate for his most intimate caress.  Entwining her
fingers in his hair, she whimpered and arched in appreciation when he slowly
released the zipper of her shorts. 
Lowering them and her lacy underwear gently over her hips and down her
tanned legs, he removed them completely. 
She squirmed and whimpered as he ran his hands over her nakedness, the
feel of his touch against her bare skin arousing her desire to a slow,
torturous peak.  Thrusting towards his hovering mouth she demanded
greedily, “Suck me, tongue me, please, Julian?”  
He chuckled quietly and even through her haze of need she was
moved by the sensuality of his laugh. 
“Such a greedy little girl.  Not
so fast. You really think you can tease and seduce me without a little quid pro
quo?” Looking up from his appreciative appraisal of her unclothed lower body he
fixed her with a strong, emerald stare that sent strange shivers through her.
Moving so he was further up above her body, he tantalized her with his lithe
grace and muscular naked torso.  She
reached her hands up to touch him there but he grasped them and pinned them
above her head flat on the couch. 
Anchoring them with his own hands so they were palm to palm, he entwined
their fingers together. Taking her lips possessively, he kissed her until she
was gasping for breath.  His tongue and
teeth dipped to move along her stomach, circling her navel before claiming her
lips once more.
She gasped again for breath when he released her lips.  “Julian, please.”
“Uh uh.  No demands.  You wait until I decide.  I know how to pleasure you, Claire. Just you
lie back and let me do it.  Ask again and
I’ll flip you over and turn your lovely bottom a nice hot pink.”
“Oh!” Claire let out a little startled gulp at that. Jeez a sexy
spanking to add to his repertoire of play and disciplinary?  She could tell by the note in his voice that
was what he meant.   She wriggled under
him on the couch, the supple leather sticking a little to her bare flesh that
was damp with arousal.  She clenched her
bottom cheeks and debated on baiting him in the way she knew would immediately
have her on her stomach, her face buried in the couch while he erotically
warmed her bare, exposed ass.  Deciding
to forgo that pleasure for now, she looked him in the eye, her voice holding
just enough amusement not to risk disrespect. 
“Yes, sir.  Whatever you say.  Have your wicked way with me.”
“Good girl,” he growled.  
His arm cupped her under her waist bringing them together in a
melding of warm, bare flesh that melted her inside and out.  He kissed her slowly, gently, his tongue
penetrating her mouth bit by bit.  She
arched against him growing rampant at the thought of his tongue and then his
cock penetrating her down below just as sweetly. She groaned as his hands
showered her most intimate places with soft, cupping, penetrating caresses that
took her closer and closer to the edge.  Eventually his mouth left hers,
his tongue travelling lower and lower until it was hovering tauntingly above
her clit.  When she felt his hot breath there
and his tongue just barely licked her, she could stand it no longer.  “Fuck, Julian.  Just do it!”
No sooner were the words out than she was flipped on her belly
as promised.  She moaned in dismay at her
loss of his mouth at her core. “Damn it Julian. 
It’s not fair to tease me like this.”
He clearly felt no pity for her. 
He chuckled close to her ear, nibbling and licking it before admonishing
her. “You think it was fair that I was teased for so long by your obliviousness
to how I felt about you.  Flaunting your
gorgeous golden locks and creamy breasts at me over Skype every week?
“Ooh!” She squirmed and arched against him, inadvertently
raising her bottom to his purpose. She was starting to get a little irate at
his taunting of her. “It wasn’t my fault you didn’t man up. Yeow!”  The smack that landed on her upraised ass was
not erotic.  She’d clearly ticked him
off.  The fire of the stinging blow
spread across her right buttock.
“Settle down and behave. 
One more disciplinary spank for your cursing and then we’ll get back to
pleasure.”  Following through, he landed
another scorching smack to her left buttock. 
Claire howled.  The two
smacks were harder and stung a lot more than any he’d given her before and yet
they made her pussy pound as much as her scared heartbeat.  These were just a couple of smacks.  What might a long, disciplinary spanking
across his knee feel like?  The image
both frightened and thrilled her making her thighs tense and her pussy weep.
Julian stilled her with a sensuous soothing massage to the area
he’d just punished, reminding her that it was pleasure that was primarily on
offer here.
***If you would like to read the rest of this hot excerpt–go on over to Natasha Knight’s blog by clicking here ***
from #1 Amazon Bestselling Author of the Rancher’s Woman and Her Keeper
HIS By Design – Special
Price $2.99 for pre-order only! Will revert to $4.99
When a mutual friend convinces Hollywood haute couture
designer Julian West to escort feature reporter Claire Fitzpatrick to the
Annual Spring Charity Ball it is the start of an enduring friendship. A
friendship where both comfortably forget the sizzling attraction that flared
between them when they first met.  Now, six years on, that attraction has
re-emerged and Julian and Claire discover that the compatibility they share as
best friends is echoed in their erotic preferences. As their romance blossoms,
it is not long before he takes her across his knee to deliver lengthy bare
bottomed spankings both erotic and disciplinary.  But neither of them is
prepared for the unexpected passion that rules them both. When they are finally
faced with the release of overwhelming emotions Julian has spent years
repressing, both Julian and Claire must decide if they will go their separate
ways or if theirs will be a love designed to last.

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