Her Priest – Unconventional Confession and Penance


Here’s my gorgeous cover of HER PRIEST (DIVINE DOMINATION, BOOK 1)  by No Sweat Graphics by Rachel Olson.

Today I’ll be sharing the product description and prologue.  I hope you fall in love with Emerson and Chelsea as much as I did writing them.  <3


She lost him once.

To the Church.

But he came back …

Divorced and working in Amsterdam as a reporter, Chelsea never dreamed that opening a simple social media account could bring the love of her life back to her.  Especially when she still isn’t convinced she was his first love.  Despite being his devoted submissive—in all things—she’d let him slip through her fingers—and paid the price of ten years of yearning for him.  But could an independent, strong-minded woman be just as accepting of his dominance now?

A dream one quiet night in college had shown Emerson his true calling.  And that calling meant leaving his girlfriend, his lover.  His soul mate.  But now he’d found Chelsea again, that calling seemed a world away, his need and his lust for her as overpowering as the first day he’d laid eyes on her.  He has to have her kneeling at his feet once more.  Even if that means leaving the priesthood…

His decade long sojourn has changed him in ways he’d never expected.   And now he has his Chelsea under his dominion once more, she is going to find he is even more demanding than he was as a young man.  Ten years in a position of power have left him with a taste for commanding obedience.  And he intends to exercise that power on his yielding, submissive soul mate.

She’s won him back, but is she ready for the new Emerson?  Is she ready for his particular brand of religion-tinged, taboo kink?

He came back for her… 

But is she ready for ~ Her Priest?



“Prepare for your penance.”  

Closing the dark purple velvet curtains, he turned briskly, walking toward the altar.  He bowed, genuflecting and making the sign of the cross quickly as he’d been trained since he was young.  They didn’t turn any lights on, preferring that the chapel stay dark.  As guests at the Vatican, they didn’t want to draw any attention to themselves, especially for this illicit act.

He picked up the metal incense holder, sprinkling the crystals onto the heating element at the bottom.  The smoke arose as he flipped the metal lid, which clanked loudly, echoing off the walls of the small stone chapel.

He swung it back and forth, the smoke rising in white plumes, the aroma filling the sanctuary.

Clank, clank, clank!

As a child, he would practice doing this with coins in a sock; the sound was very similar, and to this day, he found the clanking and the scent calming and peaceful.

He walked the periphery, giving her time to do as she’d been instructed.  A nearby shelf became the home of the incense burner.

“Are you ready?”  His cock stirred behind his black dress pants as he stood behind the antique dark wood confessional.

“Yes, Father.”

Emerson opened the curtains to find Chelsea kneeling on the cold stone floor—naked and in her full glory.  His cock lengthened almost impossibly so, and he fought the urge to disrobe and toss her ruthlessly to the floor for a good fucking.

He murmured, “Jesus!”

“You remember our safety plan?”  He tilted her chin up.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Okay, then.  Let’s proceed.”  Exhaling loudly, he blew his breath out and hoped he could hold out until the end.

Her voice trembled slightly, she spoke so quiet he could barely hear her.  “Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.”

“How long has it been since your last confession?”  His deep voice echoed off the marble, his cock straining behind the zipper of his pants.

“It’s been since last night, Father.” She dropped her head, her cheeks flushing with embarrassment.  Her lush, white breasts contrasted with the purple curtains, and her nipples tightly furled—either in arousal or due to the cold.

His mouth watered wanting to suck on the hard-as-steel tips.

“Bad girl.  There’s no need to recite it—not when you’ve blatantly disregarded the penance you were given so quickly.  It appears that today I will have to be harsher.  You know what to do.”

“Yes, Father.”

With trembling hands, she undid the button and zipper on his pants, easing his long length through the opening of his boxers.  The weight of him bobbed and lay heavy on her palm.  Her soft, small hands stroked him gently, gliding up and down. 

Leaning forward, her mouth opened like that of a hungry bird waiting for its meal.  Her moist, wet tongue flicked and fluttered along the length, paying particular attention to the large vein running along the underside.  Once at the top, she laved her tongue along the sensitive ridge of the angry purple head, gently pressing the flat of her tongue with enough resistance that he grit his teeth, his eyes rolling.

“Oh God!”  His legs trembled.

Her small giggle vibrated through to his core, his balls tightening close to his body, the ache and pull spurring his arousal.

“Bad girl!”  He thrust deep into her throat and reaching around, he slapped her bottom several times.

She shrieked and shouted around his penis, the jostling and her teeth brushing against the sensitive tissue, rolling back his excitement.

“Behave, girl.”  He straightened, widening his stance, shoving himself rhythmically into her, bouncing off the back of her throat.

“Touch your clit and masturbate.  I want us to come at the same time.”

Her one hand expertly rubbed her mound, her long middle finger dipping into her channel, but she kept sucking and licking him.  And when her breathing hit a fevered pitch with accompanying moans and mewls, he knew she would be coming soon.

He tugged and pinched her nipples, knowing that the pull of arousal would be connected to her clit.

What he hadn’t anticipated was her mouth fully enveloping him, sucking him tightly.  She removed her hand from his cock to cup his balls, the tips of her fingers tickling the fine hairs on his perineum.

Clenching his ass tightly, his cock pounding furiously down her throat, he watched her closely, her other hand rubbing her clit swiftly to completion.

He ejaculated down her throat, her cries occurring almost simultaneously, muffled behind his penis.

Drawing himself out of her, he dropped his chin to his chest, thoroughly spent.  His hands grabbed either side of the confessional and he had no doubt that from behind, he looked like he was readying himself for a flogging in front of the ornate structure.  But fully clothed, no one would have guessed that his cock was in his woman’s mouth. 

“You’re a very good girl, Chelsea.”

“Thank you, Father.”

Looking around the room quickly, he focused on those gorgeous green eyes again.  “Let’s get dressed before we’re late for dinner.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Tucking himself quickly back into his pants, he closed the velvet drapes, giving his girl time to gain composure while he tidied up the chapel.  Walking back up the altar to extinguish the incense, he shook his head laughing.

So this is what Cardinal Petr Novak has been up to?

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