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Mastering Inga has been out for three weeks now and surpassing all expectations!  Thank you so much to all the readers who have purchased it!  I truly hope you’ve enjoyed it.

Since this is a Romance book–a Spanking Romance and Erotic Romance–there is an expected Happily Ever After (HEA).  But, as authors, we typically don’t hint at the HEA or share a snippet of the HEA.

Today, I’m breaking the rules. I’ve struggled with whether I should do this.  But I had to share “a small excerpt” of the HEA in this book with everyone!  I loved the HEA for Master Garrett and Inga.  I cried many, many tears during the course of writing this book– but the ending became something that tugged at my heartstrings.  It was a delicate undertaking to write a story that has a widower remarrying, especially when there are small children–it took a lot of research, sensitivity, and contemplation.  And then I also wanted to incorporate the Master/slave dynamic also. It is my hope and desire that it’s well received and that you all shed a tear…

Let me stop blathering on and share the small excerpt with you–I’ll have the buy links below so you may purchase Mastering Inga to read the detailed wedding. 


Garrett’s heart pounded in his chest, threatening to claw its way out. There were only close friends and family — all in the comfort of his backyard. Preston stood next to him, his brother who had been there for all his important life events. His first marriage, the birth of both his children, the death of his wife, the funeral.
And now, he was here for Garrett’s second marriage too. He looked over and Avery was sitting in the front row, helping to coordinate the children, the justice of the peace, and friends and
The music started playing and Madalyn came around the corner in a beautiful miniature white wedding dress. Liam, in a tiny white tux, was in his little red wagon, pulled by his sister. It was absolutely
His eyes teared up as he thought about how much their mother would’ve loved to see this. He hoped she was watching today. She would have been the happiest person at this wedding — she wouldn’t have wanted him or the children to be alone. He felt she’d had something to do with him meeting Inga. It’d been more than just fate. The hand of God and his angels— especially one very special angel named Anne.
Are you watching, Anne? Aren’t they adorable? We made that — those beautiful kids are a product of us. Love you, girl. Hope you’re happy today watching this wedding.
There would always be a part of him that loved Anne, but he thought of her less often now that Inga was part of their lives. Thoughts of Anne were in the background of everything he did though. Madalyn’s hair and smile were Anne’s. Anne’s gentle spirit had been inherited by Liam. A laugh, a giggle, a touch, or an expression on a face, and his memories turned to Anne.
But today he would be marrying Inga.
He had loved her since their first meeting. She had a vibrant and gentle spirit. A beautiful submissive who loved life with boundless energy and zest. However, if her spirit felt threatened or cornered,
she came out fighting — and now that fight included protecting his children.
Their children.
She’d taken on the role of slave and with some work on both their parts, and she’d surpassed all of his expectations for her. It made him love her all the more.
Madalyn and Liam managed to come up the aisle with no mishaps, crying, or tantrums, pleasantly surprising all of them.
“We did it, Daddy! See? I didn’t yell, and Liam didn’t cry.”
All the guests broke out into laughter. Garrett couldn’t hold back his laughter either. He went over to the kids, pulling the wagon aside, and handing off Madalyn and Liam to Avery.
He heard the crowd gasping, and looked up in time to see Inga walking gracefully and elegantly down the aisle. She’d found a dress that accentuated her curves, but still gracefully flowed down her body. The gown shimmered. She’d picked a dress that matched her personality — beautiful, classy, flowing, and sexy as hell.
He couldn’t hold back the tears. Some people never found happiness even once in a lifetime — but he’d found it twice.
When she came to his side, he couldn’t resist pulling her in for a kiss on her cheek, whispering in her ear. “Hey, naughty girl. You’ll be punished for your sassiness later. But for now, you look like a dream.”
She blushed, embarrassed by his words, excited at the promise of retribution later. “Yes, Master,” she whispered softly.
Inga had searched and searched for ways to include the kids in the ceremony, and especially, a way to include Anne. At the beginning of the ceremony, Madalyn had walked to the front of the wedding area
carrying a framed picture in her hand, she turned it so the guests could see a beautiful picture of Anne. Madalyn then walked to an empty chair in the front row and placed the picture on the seat.
“My mommy’s in heaven. But we want her to be here today, so she gets to watch Daddy marry Miss Inga.” She leaned forward to kiss the picture and then turned to Garrett.
“Daddy, mommy’s watching.”
There wasn’t a dry eye in the place, and he’d nodded at his daughter, wiping away his own tears. “Thank you, Madalyn. Yes, mommy’s watching today. I’m sure of it.”
Then he’d wiped the tears off Inga’s cheeks with the pads of his thumbs. “Don’t cry, pretty girl. It’s okay.”

 You can read the rest of the detailed wedding ceremony by clicking on one of the following links!  Enjoy!



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