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Today’s blog honors Rollin Hand (aka Jordan St. John)– most of us knew him as Rollin. The man is a legend in the Spanking Romance genre–and has been writing spanking stories for well over 40 years. I was first introduced to him through Blushing Books, close to 27 years ago.  He had stories that he posted in Her Woodshed.

I can probably honestly say that he is the sole reason that I can read any dynamic. My true love is Male/female (M/f), but most of Rollin’s stories started with M/f and then easily rolled into F/m, F/f, or M/m.  There was rarely a clear distinction for a particular dynamic for each story. If you read Rollin, you just knew that there would be more than one in each, and I can honestly say that I grew to love F/m, M/m, or F/f because of his stories.

While preparing for this blog post, I read several of his stories on his blog and forgot how much I adored his website. I’ll have a link to his site at the bottom of this post.

I had the privilege of meeting Rollin at the Blushing conference last year in Las Vegas. One evening amidst a bunch of alcohol and much laughter, a crew of spanking romance authors talked about spanking and our love of all things spanking in a camaraderie that can only be felt by people with the same kink. The evening ended in a restaurant with an all you can eat seafood buffet– and again, we laughed, ate and talked, sharing stories and our love of writing….and, well, food:)

Rollin was a force in our community–his many years of experience as a lawyer and a writer were invaluable to many of us, and we all have a story of how Rollin advised us and cheered us on in this genre. He’ll be missed…and already is. It seems small, but we all wanted to acknowledge him…somehow.  Sharing our love for this man and the love he had for his wonderful spanking stories seemed apt.

Goodbye, Rollin…until we meet again. <3

Shelly’s Spanking

by Rollin Hand

(Warning:  There are spanking pictures from his website in this post NSFW)

Just released in the Blushing Books store as a new Publisher Partner eBook is my twin novelette combo, Willow Wood Estate & Madeline Smythe.  “Willow Wood” is primarily  F/F spanking erotica about a young woman drawn in by a rich and sophisticated older woman with exotic tastes and an even more exotic circle of friends, while “Madeline Smythe” is an M/F spanking story, a clever little romp in the country with some devotees of the corporal arts. This story is an extended preview of that work featuring the first chapter of “Madeline Smythe.” Please enjoy this hot little tale about a girl whose desire is to be disciplined by an older man. (Don’t we all wish they wanted that?)

WWE and MS 1.2

When you are the lawyer in the family they always call on you when someone’s in a jam. And that was what had interrupted my normal routine as counsel for the Hilliard family businesses and brought me down to Florida. It turns out that my favorite niece, Gina Hilliard, had not only skipped out on classes at the University of Virginia to go on a frolic to Fort Lauderdale with friends, but she had been arrested as a minor in possession of alcohol and was in the county lockup.

So at the behest of my brother Howard, Gina’s dad, I dutifully traveled from my home in Arlington, Virginia to Broward County and bailed her out of said county lockup. When I got there, I discovered that with her on this wayward college girl frolic was a friend, one Shelly Coleman. I made her bail too. All in a day’s work, I guess, but I was pretty put out with having to do this chore. As you can gather, the Hilliard family is rich. That makes Gina a trust fund baby—and spoiled rotten.

Now, my niece Gina is cute, but as I said, she is a piece of work. And her friend Shelly was really something else. A beautiful young woman with long blonde hair, a photogenic face, and wide blue eyes, Shelly had abundant curves in all the right places. She projected a devastating blast of sex appeal, but with an aura of shy innocence that was an instant turn-on for any man who came within her orbit.

And as it dawned on me later, she was playing me up—you know, leaning in, touching my arm to speak to me, accidentally bumping her hips to mine. A breathy voice. I know the signs. I figured, what is this, a girl who likes older men? Daddy issues maybe? I was probably fifteen years her senior. I indulged her, but I put it aside. I wasn’t into cradle robbing in front of my niece.

I made bail for both of them and we repaired to a suite in a nearby hotel, courtesy of Hilliard Enterprises. The legal wrangling had taken all day, and so we were to fly out in the morning. Well, I was pretty angry about it all, and though I love my little niece dearly, I figured she needed a good reaming out. So I let her have it. I told her in no uncertain terms that she was spoiled, lazy and self-indulgent with no sense of self-discipline. It was one of those classic finger-wagging lectures.

Gina stood there, appropriately shamefaced under this withering barrage, arms folded, eyes downcast, lower lip quivering. I was working myself up, and at one point I said,

“You know what you really need, Gina? Maybe someone should take you across his knee, pull your pants down and give that cute ass of yours a good sound spanking! Maybe then you’d shape up!”


At this, I heard a sharp intake of breath from Shelly, and I saw her reaction out of the corner of my eye. She had her hand at her mouth, her eyes were wide, her breasts were heaving and she was blushing. At the time, I thought it a curious reaction, somewhere between embarrassed and excited. But it seemed a bit unusual too. Excited about a spanking threat that was really, all bluster?

That should have been the end of it, but it was not. The stern lecture that I gave Gina in the suite in Florida was to have some strange downstream consequences.


It started a few weeks later when I received a phone call from none other than Shelly Coleman.

“Hello, Shelly, what can I do for you?” I was back at my Arlington office trying to keep my nose above water, when my secretary told me who was on the phone.

“I’d like to see you about something, Mr. Slater,” said Shelly. “I have something I need to talk to you about. Can we meet downtown tomorrow night? I’m at the Marriott hotel for a special student conference, and I thought, well, since I’m here, maybe we could talk.”

That sounded mysterious, but I agreed. “Call me Ray, Shelly. Mr. Slater is my father.” Shelly laughed in that throaty laugh of hers and I think I had an instant hard-on. Just what was this about?

“Is this a legal problem I can help you with, Shelly?”

“No, uh, Ray…it’s kind of personal.”

I told her sure, meet me in the bar of the Marriott at 7:00. I’d be glad to help her any way I could.


I pondered this as I waited for Shelly in the bar of the Marriott. When she walked in, all male (and a few female) heads turned. She was wearing a little black cocktail dress that molded itself to every lovely curve of her body. The short hem showed off her beautifully sculpted legs and the top revealed a generous amount of cleavage. I stood up to greet her and she gave me big hug.

“It’s so great to see you again, Mr. Slater, er Uncle Ray…can I call you Uncle Ray? I know you’re Gina’s uncle but after, well…everything I feel like you’re mine too.” She was gushing nervously.

“Slow down there, Shelly. Of course you can call me Uncle Ray if you wish. And how is my favorite niece?”

“She’s fine. She sends her love.”

That was good to hear. After the ordeal of a few weeks earlier I was glad for her that things were more normal.

Shelly was a bit nervous. She said she had something to show me and could we go to her room? I said “sure” and we proceeded to the elevators. When we got to her room I watched as she fumbled for something in a valise that was on her bed.

“Now what’s all this about, Shelly?”

“It’s this,” she said handing me an envelope with a note in it. “Go ahead. Open it and read it.”

The note purported to be from a Madeline Smythe, Student Advisor, history department. The note said:

“To Whom It May Concern, This is to report that the scholastic performance of Ms Shelly Carter has been substandard for this semester. She is currently carrying a 1.7 GPA and she stands to be on academic probation for the next term. I know Shelly is capable of better work. In my opinion, she has failed to apply herself and lacks self-discipline. It is my strong recommendation that she receive a healthy dose of discipline to put her back on task. /s/ Madeline Smythe”

“Well, Shelly, I don’t know what to say. Have your parents seen this?”

“No, and they wouldn’t care. I feel so awful. It’s like I can’t get going. I’m lazy. I goof off a lot and can’t seem to stop. The only good period I had was right there when we came back from Florida. I was industrious and I studied and worked hard all the rest of that term.” She brushed the hair back from her eyes. She seemed about to cry. “Then last term started and I just slipped back. I just hate myself for it and sometimes I think someone should just…well, turn me over his knee and spank me good and hard. You know, like you were going to do to Gina.”

Whoa! Knock me over with a feather! You know, sometimes it really is hard to tell.

What was this? Did I hear right? Did Shelly really want “punishment” because of bad grades?



First of all, I had had no intention of spanking Gina (although I sure wanted to). Second, I really doubted that there was a Prof named Madeline Smythe, or if there was, that she had written this. Not many English professors misspell “recommendation”. But, bizarre as the situation was, I decided to play along. Obviously, she had gone to some trouble to create this subterfuge, and whatever her motive, I could not think of a single good reason for refusing her. And besides, when an adult young woman practically throws herself at you, what is a healthy single man supposed to do? She was twenty-one, after all, and free to make her own decisions.

I put on a stern face and adopted the role I figured she wanted. “This is very troubling Shelly. And I can see the wisdom of your advisor’s recommendation. Should I be scolding you for this like I did with Gina?”

“Y-y-yes,” Shelly stammered, licking her lips and smoothing her dress with her hands. “I deserve…something.”

Bulls-eye. “Uncle Ray’s” stern demeanor had practically made her legs buckle. “Well, what should I do? Give you a stern tongue lashing? A fatherly lecture on the importance of your studies?”

Shelly took a deep breath, and lifted her head, steadying herself. “More than just that, actually. I think I need…discipline. Like you told Gina what she really needed…and, I’m ready to accept it at your hands.”

It sounded like the girl wanted a good spanking. Not much doubt about it now. Whatever her real motivation, desire or fantasy, she had apparently decided that she needed this and I was elected. I made up my mind right there. I’d do as she asked.

“Well, Shelly, you may be right. And I think it’s high time. You apparently do need discipline, just like your adviser says,…and… I can think of nothing better in this situation….” She caught her breath. “…than a good sound spanking,” I said, rising and unbuttoning the cuffs on my sleeves.

“You’re going to s-spank me?” said Shelly breathlessly, eyes wide, knees shaking, as she watched me roll my sleeves up.


I’d certainly guessed right. The spanking I had threatened Gina with had pushed some button on this girl, and it was clear to me that she wanted, perhaps craved, the same treatment. “That’s right. Scolding just won’t make an impression. So…I suggest you get out of that dress, so it won’t get wrinkled. You need to be punished for wasting your time and your parent’s money goofing around when you should be studying.”

“Y-yes, sir,” she quavered, and unzipped the little dress in back. The zipper came down and she stepped out of it, clad in a black bra and garter belt ensemble with wispy black panties. I had to whistle to myself. What a vision! Her breasts were full and strained the black bra. Her stomach was flat and her waist long and narrow. Her hips flared outwardly setting off the tiny waist. Her bottom was full and round, the cheeks were high-set and well defined globes creating a distinct overhang where her upper thighs joined her hips. The legs were lean and finely sculpted, like a dancer’s. She was clearly one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen–especially in such alluring lingerie. Had she done that for my benefit?

I sat on the bed. “Come over here, Shelly,” I said crooking my finger.

She walked to my right side with little mincing steps. I took her by the waist and put her over my knee. I adjusted her until her bottom was positioned uppermost and rested my right palm on the jouncy cheeks. I tried to be businesslike about it, but by now I had a hard-on like blue steel.

“You are going to get a sound spanking, Shelly, and I hope it will teach you to apply yourself.”

She was blushing madly, but I could also see the excitement in her eyes. “Ohh…yes Uncle Ray, but not too hard, please?”

“Come on now Shelly, you need a good tanning that you will remember well into next term. I want you to think about this every time you are tempted to slack off.” I was running my hand over the satiny cheeks, rubbing in circles. The cheeks were firm yet resilient, a truly magnificent ass.

Shelly just squirmed and emitted little mewling sounds in response.

“All right, Shelly, Here we go.”



I started off with about twenty firm, deliberate smacks. Her fanny wobbled deliciously with each one. Red hand prints stood out against the stark whiteness of her lovely moons.

She was silent except for low gasps and intakes of breath. I was worried about the sharp smacking sound of my hand on her derriere in the hotel room, but the sound from the TV helped mask it. I didn’t say anything as I spanked, slowly, from cheek to cheek. I wanted her to just feel the heat gradually build up in her seat. She writhed around on my lap in response to the steady smack! smack! smack! of my descending palm. After about twenty-five spanks, I stopped.

“Are you learning a good lesson in applying yourself?”

“Oooh…yesss, Uncle Ray. Ah, it really stings,” she said breathlessly.

“Good. I don’t want to have to do this next term.”

She gave a little shiver. “you’d come back and do this next term?” She looked at me over her shoulder with those big doe-shaped eyes.

“Yes, I would if you don’t behave. Now lift up a little.”

Shelly’s body tensed. “W-why?”

“You know why. These panties are coming down. Bare fanny spankings are so much more effective.” I was really into this now. In for a penny and all that.

Shelly gave an embarrassed moan but, just as I thought, no resistance to the idea. She lifted up and I slipped the panties down to her knee hollows. Her fully rounded seat was exposed to my gaze, twin globes that quivered expectantly as I patted each cheek, now a little pink and probably tingling. Shelly gave a little shiver at this intimate touch and wriggled slightly causing her beautiful orbs to jiggle sexily.


I resumed her chastisement, this time a bit harder, with brisk sharp smacks that came in flurries. Six smacks and stop. Six spanks and stop. These spanks must have smarted because her wriggling became more animated. Shelly started to wriggle more and her moaning became more pronounced, especially when I reached the end of a series of hard fast spanks. After about three or four minutes of this I rested my palm on her ass which was now a cherry red and hot to the touch. She was really feeling it now and my hand stung as well, but I wanted this to be memorable. I stated spanking again, this time with very hard spaced -apart smacks with my hand tensed and flat like a paddle.

“Are you(smack!) going to (smack!) apply yourself?” Smack! Smack!

“Ow…ow…owee…yes, Uncle Ray,” she yelped, twisting and bucking, but not really trying to escape.

I decided that tears had to flow for this to be a real experience, so I stepped up the pace and the intensity.

Shelly struggled to control her yelps of pain. I think I got a little carried away because after a minute or two of intense spanking I heard her sobbing. “Ah…ah…I won’t….I’ll be good…wahhhh,” she blubbed.


That, I decided, was enough.

“Ok, honey. It’s over now. Here, get up,” I said helping her rise.

She stood there and let loose with a good cry, rubbing her flaming hindquarters. Then she put her arms around me and hugged me, oblivious to the fact that she was practically naked and that I had a raging hard-on.

“Ohh…oh…woh…I’m sorry. I’ll do better.”

“It’s ok, Shelly. You’ve been punished now and it’s over. You start with a clean slate. The past is history.

I went back down to the bar to get a drink. I needed one.

When Shelly had composed herself, she joined me.

“I should have brought a pillow from the room,” she said jokingly, but she winced as she sat down.

“I’m not going to say I’m sorry, Shelly. You needed that.”

“Yes, I did, and I thank you for it…Uncle Ray.” She was breathing heavily and blushing.

As the recipient of this young woman’s advances, what could I say? The least I could do was buy her dinner.

After dinner I reluctantly planned my goodbyes to Shelly. She seemed reluctant for me to go. She said she forgot something and it was in the room. But I had to come too. As we took the elevator up, she told me how her fanny still smarted. “Oooh, it feels so hot,” she said, “but also kind of nice, like a hot glow. It’ll probably hurt tomorrow.”

“Well, the idea is to remind you to work hard,” I said, eyebrows raised. “You should remember every time you sit down for awhile.”

“Mmm, I will.”

We got to her room and went in. She made as if she were looking for something.

“So what did you forget?” I said.

“The note. You have to sign it.” I didn’t recall seeing that instruction.

She stopped looking. “Oh, here it is. It was in my purse the whole time.”

“Shelly, it doesn’t say I have to sign the note, does it?” Shelly blushed again, and stammered, “N-no. I-I just wanted to, er, thank you properly,” she said shyly.

Putting her arms around my neck she pulled me to her and gave me a kiss that was anything but the usual uncle-niece variety. She ground her hips against me and put her hand behind my neck, kissing me passionately. I responded by hugging her even more tightly, and I moved my hand down to lightly massage her satiny ass. She groaned and put her left leg in between mine rubbing it up and down against my swollen penis that was threatening to burst from my slacks.

Shelly broke off the kiss and dropped to her knees. She fumbled with my zipper but slid it down and then reached inside to grasp my hard cock. She pulled it out and stroked it, looking up at me with lust-filled eyes.

Then I saw her face disappear and her head bob down on my engorged organ as she gobbled it into her mouth and started to suck greedily. She tongued the head while her fingers stroked my shaft. Then she ran her lips up and down it. I was about to burst. I pulled her head back and lifted her up.

For the second time that night, I watched her strip out of that little black dress. I shucked the rest of my clothes. We tumbled into bed and I pulled her body against mine. The feel of her firm lush breasts against my chest was electric. I felt between her legs. The furry patch of hair was slippery wet and she moaned as my fingers massaged her clitoris, plunging occasionally into the hot depths of her womanhood. I parted her legs slid my rock hard penis to the lips of her vagina. She pushed forward as I thrust in. I was engulfed by hot tight wetness. I rolled her over to her back and started thrusting and withdrawing in a steady, slow motion. Each time I rammed it in until our pubic bones touched, held it there for a moment, then slid back. Then I sat back on my heels and gripping the lush buttocks I had so soundly spanked, pulled her into me, skewering her on my hard prick. She matched me thrust for thrust, thrashing about wildly. We came in a shuddering climax. Hers triggered mine. Her body went stiff and she arched her back, her vaginal walls constricting my cock. I could no longer hold off and climaxed, pumping furiously until the spasms subsided.

We lay in each other’s arms for a time, spent, not saying anything. Then she said, “Ohh…I don’t know what came over me, I…I…”

I put my hand to her lips. “No, stop. We both wanted this. You are a grown woman, not a girl. Women have needs, it’s ok.”

“It’s…it’s just that the boys I know, well, they’re boys. I guess I’m attracted to someone older, like you.” “Like I said, no need to explain.” Yep. Definitely a thing for older men. I wasn’t complaining.

That’s an example of one of his stories– there are sooooooo many on his site.  Please go and visit his page, but be prepared to spend HOURS there.

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