Desiring the Forbidden

Desiring the Forbidden

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Series: Desiring the Forbidden, Book 1
Genres: BDSM, Erotic, Romance

What’s a woman to do when the only thing she really needs is the one person she can never have?

A grizzled state trooper and a sassy, defiant young woman two decades his junior was either a match made in heaven -- or one doomed to go down in flames. With her he had a chance to be the man -- and the Daddy Dom -- he’d always been. His brand of loving strictness and firm consequences might be just what the stubborn woman -- and disobedient girl -- needed most in her life. A man who’d love her, and discipline her, and make her his in every way a man could.

Could Cade Johnson be the one who would love the strong, modern woman she was, and cherish the frightened, sweet girl she hid deep inside?

Could she love her best friend's father?

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