Forced Lactation – A Baby for Pra’kir (Captives of Pra’kir Book 6)


As I promised yesterday, I’m sharing Chapter Two of A Baby for Pra’kir  which has a very sexy and yummy forced lactation scene.  If you haven’t purchased your copy of the book yet, you can click the link above or the book cover and it will bring you to Amazon directly.  Please note that this is a Standalone and although your experience would be enhanced if you read The Alien’s Mark or the other books in the series, it is definitely not required.


Xan paused, staring at the beauty on his lap, her soft, lush bottom, warm and freshly spanked. Her strawberry blonde hair cascaded in waves over her shoulders, soft wispy strands framing her face, the pale, peach colored skin, her eyelids fluttering and concealing the emerald green eyes, and he once again was mesmerized by how utterly beautiful she was.

How he wished he could see what she was imagining. The soft, faint smile curving her lips said there was a bit of mischief in her thoughts, and he wouldn’t have her any other way.

The mouthy woman who fought for control kept him on his toes, his hand busy spanking her plump backside. Since she’d become pregnant, her fits of temper had gone to a new level, and he found himself having to drag the pet collar and leather strap back out to keep her in line. He’d be damned if he’d let a slip of a woman control him with her angry outbursts.

He sucked tightly, the flesh pillowing under his assault. If she’d produced milk on one, then it was almost a given that this one would produce today also.

Blythe’s little gasp assured him that his sucking was firm enough. Her hardened nipple rubbed against the roof of his mouth, tickling the sensitive palate.

“Oh. Oh, here it comes.” Blythe’s breathy exclamation had an edge of a surprise to it.

Those curvy hips spasmed, jerking with the sexual pull on her uterus, and not long after, her sweet milk spurted, coating him and rushing down the back of his throat. He expected it to come out in a steady stream, but it resembled a showerhead instead, the force compelling him to gulp more than swallowing rapidly.

And this is why babies need burping; he felt like he too was gulping air to keep up. His girl wouldn’t have to worry about yielding enough for Tegan. And until his little girl was ready to suckle from her mama, he’d keep those breasts busy, reaping the benefits of his persistence. Happily.

How the hell did babies do this?

Dribbling milk, gulping, gasping for air through his nose…and then it happened, he inhaled milk, choking, and spewing his mouthful all over Blythe’s chest and face, dribbling the rest all down the front his dress shirt.

“Fuck!”  He swiped a hand over his wet chin, trying to mop up the rest with his hands, shaking the excess onto the floor. He looked at his girl to see her wide-eyed, dripping with the light blue fluid, droplets even clinging to her eyelashes.

But what surprised them both, the breast milk was still spraying and dripping from her plump globe, adding to the wetness of his shirt. Reaching out, he grabbed her nipple, pinching it hard between his thumb and forefinger, causing it to cease immediately.

“I’m a mess.”  Her pouty bottom lip extended, and she held her arms away from her body, milk dripping steadily to the floor.

“I’m sorry, baby. I choked and…there was so much. Such a good girl. Let’s go shower.”   He stood, tucking her under his arm, walking to the downstairs bathroom.

“You were right; I made milk!”  He couldn’t help but laugh at the surprises in her voice.

“You doubted me?”  With a feigned shock, he raised his eyebrows, curious to hear her answer.

“Well, duh! I mean, you never even knew that humans existed until a few months ago, and you’re a…man…and an alien. How would you know about milk production of human females?” She furrowed her eyebrows, shaking her head at what she perceived as silliness.

“Because I told you, my dear, that I had researched all of this. Everything we’ve done has been based on facts and data. You’ll learn to trust me…in time.”

He wondered, though, would she grow to trust him completely?

He loved her intelligence, but the downside of a rational thinking woman was that she’d more often than not needed and desired to learn, knowing something for herself, not taking someone’s word for it, no matter how much he’d love to have a mate that would blindly trust and follow.

What man wouldn’t love that?

As a doctor and councilman, he treasured her intellect more than that. He appreciated her need to study, her experience, and ability to assess situations for herself, not relying on anyone else.

Xan waved his hand under the showerhead in the extra large stall, the clear doors open until the hot water warmed the stone floor, steam rising in plumes around them. Drawing his girl toward him, he licked her face, sucking on her cheeks and neck, her giggle extracting a chuckle from him. It had taken a while, but once he learned how to make her laugh, he found excuses to hear it daily.

“You’re tickling me—and I’m a mess!”  She tried pushing him away, her small hands only annoying him, not having the affect she wished.

“In the shower with you, girl.”  He smacked her ass lightly, cupping a cheek to guide her in before him, her bottom still pink from her spanking.

“I bring a whole new meaning to a milk maid.”

He tilted his head at her. “Milk maid?

Those deep green eyes started to roll back, but she caught herself, quickly shutting them and shifting her body to stand directly under the warm spray. “We have these black and white animals on Earth that are called cows and their…teats…tits hang under them.”

“Like our animals here.”

“Yes, probably. I wouldn’t know…I only go outside to pee on your grass.”   Her lips thinned, her nostrils flaring a bit.

“Watch your tone, pet.” He dragged the phrase out, dropping his voice to a low baritone.

“Okay.”  She swallowed loudly. “Anyway…in the past, there were women who milked the cows, and they were referred to as milk maids. But the slang for milk maid is someone who has breast milk and lets men suck the milk for sexual gratification. So…here I am, Blythe, your personal milk maid, Sir.”

Xan couldn’t hide his grin, although he tried. His woman, her hair still holding droplets of her breast milk and his shirt sopping wet with it, had indeed become his milk maid. He liked the phrase and intended on using it at the opportune time to humiliate her, watching her cheeks flush.

He quickly divested himself of his clothes. His cock had been impossibly hard since taking her onto his lap and getting his first taste of her sweetness, but once she sprayed him…he swore he almost lost control on the spot. He lightly caressed its length, the tip damp with his semen.

Stepping inside the now steamy stall, he found his sweet pet pouting with her goosebumped skin, her nipples erect and hard.

“Aw, baby. Don’t frown like that…c’mon let Daddy clean you up. I’ll make it all better.” 

He pressed the buttons on the wall, the green soap shooting onto their bodies. He lathered her body up, sudsing her curvy frame.

“Head back, let me wash your hair just the way you like it.”  Taking great care to keep any soap from her eyes, he thoroughly washed the curly red locks, assuring that all remnants of the milk were replaced with her favorite shampoo. He took great pains to rinse it, leaving her hair to shimmer in the morning light filling the room.

“There, all better. Now for your reward…you may now service my cock.”

Like the good girl he’d trained her to be, she smiled broadly, and he swore his heart ached with pride. It hadn’t been an easy task to bring her to this level, but she enjoyed servicing him maybe even more than she enjoyed his ministrations bringing her to orgasm.

Blythe gracefully knelt before him, cupping his balls in one hand, placing gentle kisses along the sensitive sac. Her warm mouth drew them one by one into his mouth, her tongue lolling them along the wet surface.

He braced himself with a hand on each wall, his thighs trembling with his arousal.

She licked and kissed her way along the length of him, rolling around the end, focusing the tip of her tongue at the head of his cock.

Xan wove his hands through her wet curls, guiding her to take the full length of him as he’d trained her, easing slowly down her throat, pulling out to allow her to catch her breath before battering her again.

Blythe’s eyes filled with tears, obviously fighting back her gag reflex. Xan loved nothing more than knowing that Blythe chose the girth of him over breathing or swallowing.

His pleasure and spending his cock down her throat every morning seemed the best—and only—way to start the day.

Exiting her slender, narrow throat, he shouted, “This is it, girl. I’ll be coming!”

She nodded, taking a deep breath through her nose just before he rammed his length back into her, and with a shout sounding more like a roar, his semen shot straight down her esophagus. He quickly released, allowing her to swallow and take a deep breath, his come spurting onto her face before entering her mouth one last time, shooting the last bit of semen onto her tongue.

His body trembled, his legs feeling wobbly, and he braced himself with a hand on each wall of the stall, his breath ragged. Just as he had trained Blythe, she licked him dry, cleaning every last drop of him.

Finally able to function, he opened his eyes to watch her pink tongue lovingly cleaning him while his juices sluiced down her cheeks drying in some areas. Xan gently scooped the viscous fluid onto his finger, feeding her ready and open-mouthed.

Blythe sucked on his finger tightly, those green eyes staring up at him adoringly. He swore he couldn’t be happier at that moment. Weaving his hand into her hair, he lightly stroked her scalp. “Such a good girl.”

He fed her more of his semen until her face was fairly clean. “Tilt your head back, baby.”  He gently washed her face until it was clean, kissing her lightly on the nose. With a wave, he turned on the showerhead behind him, washing up while his obedient pet knelt watching, her arms crossed behind her back, leaving her breasts jutting forward.

Life was good…better than expected.

He needed to get them out of there and get dressed. His already hardened cock bobbed before him, and his mischievous little girl couldn’t take her eyes off of it.

“We’ve no time for that. Come, let’s go see our baby.”

She hurriedly leaped to her feet, scaring him half to death. His arm shot out to grab her just in case. “I’m fine. I’m not going to fall.”

“I’m cautious.”  He walked her to the counter, bending her over. “We’re putting your tail in as a reminder. It should help you behave.”

“Ohhhhhh,” she whined quietly. Learning to keep her complaints to a minimum and only murmur them quietly had come with many, many disciplinary sessions. His girl like nothing more than voicing her displeasure and trying to sway him with whining or sassiness, but with persistence, she learned to restrain herself. The progress was painfully slow, more for her than for him, but there were many days that his heart ached knowing she felt like the bad girl and wondered if he cared or had concern for her at all.

It was at those times that he would cuddle with her before the fire, stroking her pale, soft skin, brushing her hair, weaving stories and tales of his childhood and antics, allowing her a glimpse of him and his lifestyle.

He wasn’t an easy master—and never would be. But she’d learn that obedience and service were rewarded.

The plug on the long white tail wasn’t big and required no lube, especially since she was wet already from their shower. Her backside was still pink from both the hot water and her spanking, his fingerprints clearly visible on the outlier of her inflamed flesh. He spread her cheeks, popping the plug into the tight whorl, the length of the tail brushing against her thighs.

His penis was fully erect. Damn, it seemed he spent most of his days hard now. Thanks be to the Gods of Na that he was able to wear his uniform, keeping it hidden.

“We’ll put your collar on too.”  He snapped it around her neck, the kitty bell jingling pleasantly. “It’ll keep that sassy tongue in check.”

He swiveled her in his arms, kissing her soft, plump lips, marveling in their sensuality. “Let me get ready.”

His girl turned to leave the room, but he jerked her back, tugging on her hair. He kept his hand fisted in the wet curls, and leaning in, he made his voice rumble into her ear. “How does my pet ambulate?”

She swallowed loudly, her eyes wide, and quietly whispered, “On the floor, Sir. I’m sorry, Sir.”

“Don’t let it happen again.”  Releasing her hair, he watched her gracefully slide to the floor, resting on her hands and knees, her long white tail resting on the back of her knees. “I see I made the correct decision on your tail. If you’re not careful, you’ll be getting spanked and pissing outside today, girl. Mind your manners, or I’ll mind them for you.”

“Yes, Master.”

Her breasts jostled when he cracked a heavy slap to her backside before he strode into their bedroom, and without another touch or direction, she kept herself aligned with him, heeling perfectly.

Who said hard work doesn’t pay off? 


I hope you enjoyed it!

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