Finding Submission #SatSpanks #BDSM 6

FINDING SUBMISSION is out!  This snippet between Preston and Avery is self-explanatory.

Today he’d asked her to surprise him when he came home; his heart was racing, wondering how she would great him today. 
His cock was hard as he climbed the front porch, and entered the house.  As he shut the front door, he marveled again at how she had transformed the house into a beautiful historic home.  She had cleaned and organized.  And together they had filled the barn with the items labeled, priced, and sorted for an auction in a month.  
He could smell a beef roast in the oven, and if he was correct there was a hint of apples — which meant apple pie or apple crisp.  
“I’m in here, Sir.” Avery called from the kitchen.  He walked in, and swore his heart had stopped.  
Avery was wearing a ruffled black apron… and nothing else.  But that wasn’t what made his heart stop, although that gorgeous sight was enough all on its own.
She was resting her elbows on top of the table, her head down, ass in the air. 
“Sir, would you be interested in an appetizer before dinner, or do you want to go to the main course?”  She didn’t raise her head or look him in the eye, just rested submissively. 
“My God, Avery Rose, I’m not sure I can breathe.  You definitely surprised me.  Jesus.  Let me get my bearings for a second.”  Preston slid his finger down the crevice of her bottom, circling her dark hole when he glided over it.  He pressed and circled, watching her fight the need to swivel her hips.   He teased her by pushing his finger into her bottom hole just a little and then pulled out.  He continued his glide down the cleft.  She was dripping wet.  


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