Every Action Has a Reaction #SatSpanks #BDSM 12

Welcome Saturday Spanking Fans!!  This is from my upcoming D/s book.  This is a continuation of last weeks post.   Avery has just been told that she will be working off her fine for robbery by working and residing at Preston’s house cleaning and cooking for six months.   She isn’t happy at the prospect and had just accused Preston of using her as an indentured servant. 

Preston, still standing, stared at Avery pulling on his suit coat adjusting his sleeves sitting down crossing his right leg over his knee, “As I was saying.  You’ll be paid for your services, thus you will not be a servant.”  His eyebrows were furrowed and he paused to stress the point. “However, you won’t see this pay, because it’ll be sent directly to the County to pay your fine.  The fine you incurred with your impetuous and impulsive behavior.  Until your fine is paid, you’ll be required to stay at my house.  You’ll not be able to drive or leave the premises unless you’re in my presence.”

Avery blinked at both the men, “Wait.  So I can’t drive my car or leave your property, so I am a prisoner being held hostage at your house?”

Preston closed his eyes and inhaled deeply,  “No, that’s not what I said, if we’re going to get along, missy, you’ll have to work on your listening skills.   I said until your fine is paid, you can’t leave the premises, unless you’re escorted by me we can’t take the risk that you will run or leave town.”

“Why?  What would be the big deal if I left town or went somewhere?”

“You’re a criminal.  You’ve been arrested for a crime and until your fine is complete, you’re still charged with a crime.  If you rescind on this agreement, by driving out of town, you’ll be then convicted of the said crime.  Is that clear?”  Preston raised an eyebrow at her, tilting his head to read her expression.

Avery was stunned, “So, I have to stay at your house, cleaning all day, organizing your shit and forfeiting my freedom so you can get what you need out of this arrangement?”

“Language. You’re still in the Judge’s chambers; mind your tongue and your manners, Miss Avery.”  He nodded at the Judge who stared sternly back, “This isn’t my arrangement.  This will be our arrangement once you’ve agreed to it and let me add, you don’t have to agree, however, if you don’t agree to work at my house, you’ll have to serve in a soup kitchen or homeless shelter until the fine is paid–the choice is completely yours and any freedoms that are curtailed by this arrangement are your doing, young lady not mine.  The poor choices you made have caused the repercussion you’ll feel for the next six months–every action has a reaction, I’m sure your father reinforced this with you as a child.”

Avery had indeed heard this statement more than a few times in her lifetime, but she shrugged her shoulders at Preston, not willing to admit it to him.   Avery didn’t like the prospect of being stuck at this man’s house with nothing to do but clean.  But again, he was an attorney and her father agreed, which means he must have checked out.  Her father wouldn’t put her in someone’s house without doing a background check.   And chances are good, if she didn’t cause any trouble, after a few days she would be able to do what she wanted and manipulate the situation.  It would only be a matter of time before  she would be watching Pretty Little Liars all day on Netflix.  At least Preston was easy on the eyes; it wouldn’t be too hard to be stuck with him for six months.  She might even have some fun trying to seduce him.  Avery wondered if he had a girlfriend, there was no ring so he wasn’t married. 

“So, Miss Avery, are you agreeing to the terms?  Are you staying at my house, cleaning and organizing and obeying the simple rules that’ll be required of a civil guest in my happy abode?”  Preston smiled her way showing a glimmer of humor.  

“I’ll agree.  If I have any questions or concerns, I want to be able to call my father.  Is that going to be allowed?”

“Yes.  Absolutely.  Your father said he’ll keep in touch and I told him that you’ll call at least once a week or more the first couple weeks.  I think it’ll make the transition easier for him and for you.”  Preston then handed her some legal documents and a pen. “We’ll have you sign some legal papers agreeing to the rules and signing that your pay will be forwarded to the County for the six month period ending December 29th.  Your father said he’ll cover the rent for your apartment while you’re at my house.  You have a very generous father.  I hope you treat him well for all the graciousness he’s shown you.”

Avery knew better than to answer that question, she could feel a lecture coming on and the last thing she needed was a lecture.  What she really needed was a shower!

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