#Dungeon Crawl — Prank Punishment 15

Welcome back to the Dungeon Crawl.  I have been gone for a couple weeks, finishing edits and getting my MS back to the editor for final review.  I am hoping that my book will be out in two to three weeks.  

Michael is upset with Meggie after she pulls an office prank and he gives her a punishment session in his office behind closed doors. 

He walked up to her and held her chin in his hand increasing the pressure to show the intensity of his mood and exert his authority, whispering “You will be spanked for this, Meggie.  Don’t doubt it for a minute.   You will be sleeping on your tummy with a very red bottom tonight. Oh, and before I forget, you will be buying the department more post-it notes out of your coffee money for the month.  Now, I want you to turn around and drop your pants and panties, so I can swat your bottom with my ruler.”
“But, but, we are at work.”
“Yes.  I am well aware that we are at work.  Drop your pants and panties now.  The door is closed and no one can see through the windows this high up.  If you are quiet, no one will know that you are getting paddled.  Drop.  Your. Pants. Now!”
She undid her gray dress pants and stood in her thong with her pants at her knees, as he was walking toward his desk, opening the top drawer to pull out his ruler.  He slapped it ceremoniously on his leg as he was walking back to her. 
“Panties too, Meggie.”
“But it’s a thong.”
“Thong down, Meggie.  You will be more humiliated if you have to pull your thong down.  Drop ‘em.”
“Since you were unable to exhibit control this morning, you will exhibit control during your spanking.  You will keep your hands on your knees.  If you take your hands off your knees or rise up, you will receive five more swats.  Is that clear?”
“Yes, Michael.”
“What do you call me when you are getting spanked, Meggie?”
“Daddy.  I call you Daddy when I am being spanked.”
“Okay, Kitten, hands on your knees.  You will receive a dozen swats and if I were you I would keep my voice down.”
He didn’t start slowly; he gave her six swats in quick succession.  She was moaning behind her closed mouth and was gritting her teeth.  Her bottom had visually pleasing red stripes on it.  He ran his hand over them and could feel the ridges left by the edge of the ruler.  “This bottom has some beautiful pink and red stripes on it.  It looks like it hurts.  Does it hurt Meggie Mine?”
“Yes, Daddy.  It hurts a lot.”
“I’m sorry about that Kitten.  Do you think it will hurt to sit on this bottom for the rest of the day?”
“Yes, I do, Daddy.”
“Well, it is going to hurt more. I am giving you six more swats. I am going to give you three on the underside of your bottom and then three on your thighs.  Remember you have to keep your hands on your knees.”

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