Drinking and Driving #SatSpanks 14

Welcome to Saturday Spankings.  Today I am sharing a snippet from my current WIP.  As a little background, the story is about two married couples that both practice domestic discipline in the role of Daddy/little girl.  In this snippet it has been discovered that Meggie has had two drinks with her friend Molly and drove home.  On top of that infraction, she didn’t confess this and lied about where she was and what she was doing.   Her punishment is over and she is in the corner.

“Meggie Mine?”
“Yes, Daddy.”

“Keep your nightie up so I can see that pretty pussy and come over here to your Daddy.”  She quickly exited the corner like it was on fire and walked with a contrite, bashful smile to her Daddy.  Her Daddy who loved her no matter what she did and who always forgave her after a spanking.  She curled into his embrace and he wrapped his arms around her holding her head to his neck as he kissed her hair.  “There’s my girl.  My sweet girl.  Always such a good girl for her Daddy.”

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