The Dragon’s Secret – “I’ll retrieve the naughty girl myself”

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“I see you found her, son.” Zorander Quinn stood directly behind him, also watching the monitor.

Startling a bit, Drayce peered up at his father. “Yes. She should be here within the next hour. As angry as I am that she did this, putting her life in danger, and under all our noses, I’m also a bit impressed at the courage and determination it took to pull off this feat—skillfully and successfully.”

Nodding, Zorander didn’t take his eyes from the hologram. “I agree. She’s exhibited tenacity, but I’m also afraid that you’ll find Satin’s impulsivity and obstinance are just as plentiful.”

“Impulsivity can be corrected with consistent discipline, but you can’t give someone persistence and courage. Those are traits you’re either born with or not, and no amount of discipline can make them go away, but with cultivation, those two traits can make a damn good warrior.”

Zorander nodded. “You’re right, of course. But don’t underestimate the amount of work those may entail, son. King Tempest is still offering Thistle to you. Don’t be hasty with your decision.”

“Father, I’m not hasty. I told you months ago that Satin was my choice, and I should have never let either you or Alistair convince me otherwise. The Gods of Alpheas have agreed with my intuition and changed the hand of the Goddess Gem today. I’ll not tempt the Gods any further by disregarding their hand in my fate. Satin will be my wife.”

“As you wish, Drayce. Are you meeting the ship, or shall I order my men to take her captive as soon as it lands?”

“I’ll be on the ground waiting when she lands; I’ll retrieve the naughty girl myself.”  Drayce’s finger drummed on the table, itching to get the beauty in his hands and under his thumb. She’d learn quickly that although he’d be ever thankful for her defiance in this situation, he would not tolerate her risking her life or going against any edicts from his mouth in the future. Obedience is rewarded, and disobedience has its consequences as well.

“Are you going to use a firm hand with her immediately? Personally, I think it is best to start as you plan to continue.”  Zorander quirked an eyebrow at him.

“Oh yes. She’ll be sitting gingerly at dinner tonight, trust me.”

His father clapped him on the shoulder before leaving the room. “Good man, I’ll leave you to plan the rest of your day, and see you at dinner.”

“Oh, Father?”  Drayce waited for him to turn around before continuing. “Send for the Director of Religious Affairs; we’ll be marrying this evening right before dinner.”

“As you wish, Drayce. This evening.”

Turning his attention back to the screen, the Warlord grit his teeth, her impetuousness would be one of the first things he’d correct in the naughty vixen.


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