Don’t Miss This Age Play Book

I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed an age play like I have enjoyed Zoe Blake’s newest book Papa’s Prey.  Without hesitation, I give it 5 stars and if you’ve enjoyed any of my age-play books, I assure you that you’ll be enthralled with this one.

I was captivated from the very first chapter.  There were times that I gasped, squirmed, giggled, and sighed–there are so many emotions and kinks in this book.  Zoe Blake did a fabulous job and Papa and Corinne have stayed with me for days.

So my recommendation is that you click the picture above or any of the links I’ve included in this post, read the “Look Inside” on Amazon, and be ready for an amazing ride.

I’ve included a small snippet just to entice you all….and I want to warn you that book is currently 99c but that will be ending soon.  So hurry!!  Don’t miss this deal!


“I see your bottom hole is not inflamed from your cleansing yesterday.  That is very good, since we must cleanse you again.”

Corinne groaned into her pillow.  She felt the ice cold tip of the thermometer as it pressed against her tiny hole.  Without thought, she instinctively clenched.  Her back arched when the unexpected sting of Nanny’s flat palm hit her left bottom cheek.

“Do not clench.”

The sound of Corinne’s sob was swallowed in the soft, feathered depths of the pillow.  She forced her body to relax.  The hard glass rod slid inside.  It felt embarrassing and uncomfortable, but did not hurt.

“There.  You will stay like that for several minutes until I get an accurate reading.”

Corinne listened to the sounds of Nanny bustling about the room.  Her mortification at having her bare bottom exposed in such a degrading fashion growing.  After what felt like an eternity, Nanny returned to her bedside removing the thermometer.  The glass rod slid out, leaving Corinne relieved.

“A very satisfactory temperature.  Very good.  Now up you go.  I want you prone on the cleansing table immediately.  You must be bathed and cleansed before you break your fast.”

“Must I?” whined Corinne.

I know it was just a tease, but as I said above, Papa’s Prey is only 99c– so hurry over to Amazon and buy your copy AND if you have Kindle Unlimimted, it is free with your membership.

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