Does That Excite You? SatSpanks 15

Welcome to Saturday Spankings!  My book is done and waiting for it’s cover and copy editing.  It should be out this month!!  It is a Princess Cruise–a Daddy/little girl cruise.   There are three new couples on this cruise in addition to Meggie and Molly and their husbands. I will highlight a couple each week until the book comes out.  

This week we will focus on the main characters Jace and Gabby. Gabrielle is the CEO of the family business and Jace is her employee forty hours a week. But Gabby answers to Daddy Jace 24/7. On our last Sat Spanks Jace had asked Gabby to dinner so they could discuss her need for discipline. She told him to go to hell and walked out of his office. This week Gabby has decided to ask Jace if the offer is still on the table.  

Jace cleared his throat and said, “ I never give a spanking unless it’s necessary and if I decide it’s necessary, it will undoubtedly hurt.  As for whether that excites you, I would bet your panties would tell us.”  Jace stopped talking and nodded his head at her thighs, smirking, “I would venture to say your panties are damp as we speak.  I won’t embarrass you today and make you tell me, but some day — some day I’ll make you tell me if your panties are wet.  I may even make you take them off and hand them to me for inspection.  And I’m thinking you find the prospect of handing your panties to me exciting and your pussy is clenching just thinking about it.”
“I don’t wish to discuss that with you, Jace,” Gabby was pulling on her skirt and shifting in her chair, lifting her chin toward him.  

            Jace laughed out loud, “I bet you don’t. 

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