DADDY’S VIRGIN – A Dark Sci-Fi Daddy Dom Romance

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I’m going to give you a sneak peek into this book which is two and a half chapters!! Enjoy it <3

Chapter One

“Grab her! Don’t let her go. She could destroy the purification process.”

Sierra Dawson swung her fist, landing it directly onto the yelling and chasing guard’s nose, blood gushing, and a tooth falling out of his mouth. She didn’t see the rest of the damage she caused, because, spinning in a circle, she adeptly avoided his hand and ran as fast as she could down the main road of The Cleansed.

The people of The Cleansed were proud—and foolish—assuming they would always survive in their filtered and environmentally controlled sector. Living under The Dome meant citizens from The Aberration, The Tormented, and The Invincibles couldn’t and wouldn’t trespass upon their sterile, elite city.

Ignorant, proud assholes. I’ve proven them wrong. I made it into The Dome.

Sierra lived in an area called The Invincibles, a community hidden in the dense forests and rural areas of the Northeast, the last remnants of former America, now termed The Old Americas.

Her sneaker-covered feet pounded on the sidewalk, the muscles in her legs and lungs aching and burning. She coughed, more than likely due to the chemicals in the air. Her body was unfamiliar with their purification chemicals.

Shit! God only knows what they’re doing to my body.

A hand grabbed her shirt and a mammoth soldier swung her in a circle, bringing her nose to nose with him.

His foul breath smelled of chemicals. “You’ll pay, you fucking filthy Invincible. What do you think you’re doing in our Dome? You don’t belong here. You know I have the government’s authority to shoot you between the eyes, right?”

She didn’t answer, gritting her teeth until they ached.

He shook her until her vision blurred. “Answer me, you dirty bitch!”

Snapping her teeth—hard—she narrowly missed biting off the end of his bulbous red nose. “Call me a bitch again, and I’ll take away your ability to smell, you fucking asshole.”

The middle-aged man furrowed his dark eyebrows, growling deep within his chest. “How about you try and we’ll see what happens, little girl.”

Sierra lunged forward, making good on her promise, only to find herself put into a stranglehold and dragged unceremoniously down the sidewalk.

“Montrae, I have a wild one over here. Do you think the institution wants her?”

Montrae was much younger with dark hair and a scrunched up and bloody nose, and the hulking man put both hands up halting their progress. “Keep her away from me. The nasty cunt. The government always wants the intruders, Johnson, you know that. Especially those from The Invincible quadrant. She’s probably diseased as fuck, too. Bring her to The Oblivion and I’ll call Dr. Strong.”

“Will do.” Johnson’s large hand squeezed the back of her neck, hauling her toward a yellow-stoned building. All the windows were barred, and the manicured landscaping and upkeep said The Cleansed gave great importance to that institution. They spent a great deal of time monitoring who came and left the building, keeping diligent figures and records in regards to the procedures taken with the citizens of the New Americas.

Sierra had heard many tales of what happened in the medical facility known as The Oblivion. Now she’d find out firsthand.

* * *

Kaigen LeBlanc felt his phone vibrate in his pocket, and extracted it. He saw that it was his contact at the Institute—The Oblivion Cooperation.

“Dr. Strong, I’m surprised to hear from you. Is everything okay?”

“Yes, yes. Of course, Mr. LeBlanc. I have some good news… or at least I believe it’s good news. We have taken into captivity a woman from The Invincibles. She just turned eighteen…” The sound of papers being shuffled along with the clicking of a keypad let Kaigen know that Dr. Strong was rifling through his files. “She turned eighteen today.”

“Today? Eighteen? I barely remember what an eighteen-year-old is like any longer. I almost forgot we actually have a section of the New Americas which has people in that age range… and younger.”

“I know, I know. I need to get sent on a mission out there to get more of them here under The Dome. But regardless, it is why I’m calling you. I mean… when would a chance like this occur again, right?”

“No shit. Is she healthy?” Kaigen leaned back in his chair, staring out of his wall of floor-to-ceiling windows that overlooked the Cleansed City under The Dome. It barely resembled its former self—Dallas, Texas. And, from what he’d heard over the years, it was only a shadow of what it was like before the purification process occurred. The whole of the Southeast of Old America was now The Cleansed portion of New America.

“Our initial testing indicates she has had all the vaccinations, assuring she’ll live thousands of years, as required by the Enigma Syndicate and she’s free from the serious illnesses of The Aberrations. I haven’t done her medical exam yet, I wanted to call you first. If you can be here within the next… half hour, I’ll delay the procedures until you arrive. I’ll feed and hydrate her. Does that work for you?”

Looking at the holo on the ceiling that gave him a constant feed of weather and time, Kaigen nodded to himself. It indicated it was eleven-thirty in the morning. “Yes, sir. I’ll be there within fifteen minutes. Thank you for remembering me.”

“She’s a beauty. You’ll be pleased, I’m pretty sure of it. Of course, we still have the detailed exam and testing to complete before we see her real picture, as well as her mandatory training. But a specimen of this caliber is as pure as driven snow.”

Kaigen’s cock stirred behind his pants. With the heel of his hand, he pressed on the area, and it lengthened with the contact.


“Indeed, she sounds perfect. And Dr. Strong, I’ll remind you to not call her a specimen, ever again. Clear?”

“Yes, sir. I’m sorry.”

Only I will refer to her in derogatory terminology. If and when I deem appropriate.

“One more question, Strong. How was she dressed when you found her?”

The pause from the doctor was long enough this time that Kaigen wondered if he would have to justify his question, elaborating on what exactly he was looking for as an answer.

“Uh… well, she had on a short pink skirt with a fluffy white sweater. It was much too short for The Oblivion Institute’s approval; we discarded it immediately. Those Invincibles allow their women to dress scantily. As you know we prefer demure attire for women much more than seductive.”

Kaigen released his cock from behind the confines of his trousers; the hot silky length throbbed within his hand. He stroked it, a drop of semen beading on the bulbous head. With a swipe of his thumb, he smoothed the silky cream over the sensitive tip, his hips thrusting. “Bring the skirt back, Timothy. Can you tell me… what she wore on her feet?”

Another long pause and Dr. Strong murmured, “She had on knee socks and pink canvas sneakers.”

Clearing his throat, he regained his composure and voice. “I’ll be right there.” Kaigen clicked the phone off. Could it be true? Could he have found his girl? Finally?

He quickly jerked himself to completion, cleaning himself up well, before tucking his generous, still semi-hard cock back behind his pants. Snatching his phone and keys, he powered down his computer and other items in his office before racing to The Oblivion Institute.

“Time to buy my girl.”

My girl.

He smiled to himself. He’d be coming home to a different life. If he came home at all.

Chapter Two

Sierra sat on the hard table, in what appeared to be an exam room at The Oblivion. She surveyed the room, shivering, her fingers turning bluish with the chill. Her too-thin gossamer gown barely concealed her body or gave it warmth.


Shiny metal tables and counters gleamed under the artificial, too-bright lights. Clear containers held swabs and tubes of only God knows what, along with trays of needles, long-handled tweezers, and syringes.

Her mother hated doctors and hospitals, which was how Sierra’s family had ended up in the area known as The Invincibles. They had become part of the New Americas, occupying an area from Pennsylvania up to Maine. Her people, her clan, and tribe resisted the new systems.

The Cleansed believed in obliterating anything that wasn’t sterile and new. Clean air. Purified water.

Society had become overrun with people. Overpopulation had become a worldwide issue, not just in America. The solution—no more children. Sterilize all men and women.

But her parents had moved to the mountains in Pennsylvania—formerly known as the Poconos—and had hidden in the dense forests there, relying upon the land for their resources, hunting for their livelihood and sustenance.


She wondered when she’d go back there again.

Someday, maybe.

The government had eventually found The Invincibles, encouraging them to obtain the FOY injection—Fountain of Youth. The injection extended their lives for hundreds of years (possibly thousands).

And although her tribe as they called themselves feared interference from the government, they did accept this vaccination voluntarily with the agreement that they would be sequestered to the Northeast—an area dubbed by the government as The Invincibles.

But, The Invincibles could not under any circumstances trespass into The Dome where The Cleansed lived or they would be immediately captured and detained at The Oblivion Institute for purification and training.

Sierra had known these rules. Had sworn she would stay within the boundaries of The Invincibles. She knew the consequences of her actions and came to this area fully aware.

However, looking around the room, she couldn’t imagine how she’d come to the conclusion that leaving The Invincibles was a good choice. She wanted to view the technological realm that was The Cleansed, wanted to view with her own eyes the advancements of this society. But now, looking at the counter near her, she worried about the tools, sterilization that would take away her fertility, and the cleansing process that could change her life forever.

Would it hurt? Will I bleed?


Although she considered herself resourceful and brave in most circumstances, this had her frightened and her mother’s fears were ringing in her ears and repeating over and over.

They will change who you are. You will die alone in a foreign land, forgetting who you are. Never let them touch you. Never go down without a fight. Always use the weapons at hand to fight for your fertility. It is a prize.

The door opened and Dr. Strong came back in with another gentleman. The stranger was tall with dark hair and eyes. He had a short military-style haircut, his eyes so black she couldn’t see the pupils.


His stare bored into her soul, making her squirm on the hard metal table.

“Here she is, Kaigen.”

The serious man walked up to her as if stalking his prey. He sauntered around the table, not taking his gaze from her except to glide it along her body and she wondered if he had super-human abilities that enabled him to see through her skimpy gown.

Sierra wrapped her arms around her body and shivered.

Kaigen growled deep within his chest. “Arms down. Now.”

Usually, a command given with such attitude would have elicited an appropriate reply of fuck you, but shockingly Sierra found herself obeying—quickly.

“Good girl.”

Having made a complete revolution of the table, he stopped in front of her, near her feet, his hands clasped behind him and he nodded slowly. Responding without taking his eyes off of her, he said, “She’s very fine, indeed. When may I take her home?”

“Home? We have tests which need to be completed and she’ll require training. The natives from The Invincibles area are… well, sir, let’s just say… they’re a bit savage.” Dr. Strong raised an eyebrow toward Kaigen and tsked loudly, shaking his head as if the prospect of dealing with her was beneath him.

“I know how to deal with savages; once they are given discipline and order, any mammal—human or otherwise—falls into line.”

Mammal? Did he just call me an animal?

“Fuck you, asswipe! I am no savage… or mammal. That’s it!” Sierra growled and jumped off the table, without a care for herself or those in the room; tossing her gown off with one swipe of her arm, she tugged it over her head, throwing it at Kaigen.

Completely naked, she turned to grab her pink skirt and sweater still hanging on the wall hook where she’d left them. Gritting her teeth, she bit out, “I’ll show you savage, you fucking arrogant pieces of shit. I at least know how to treat other people, unlike your pompous asses.” She turned around, stepping into her pink skirt, momentarily blocking her view of the doctors.

Within seconds she found herself disoriented and tossed about, her soft belly slamming against Kaigen’s hard shoulder. Sierra couldn’t remember last time—if ever—she’d been carried like a sack of potatoes.

“This is not how a young lady should speak to another person, especially one who is going to rescue you from this institution.” Kaigen stalked toward the hard metal table, her body flopping against his back. “You’ll find that any and all disrespect and disobedience will give you a very sore backside, girl. I’m sorry your first lesson will have to be dispensed so quickly after our meeting, but you might as well learn now what I’m like.”

Kaigen dropped her recklessly onto the table, flipping her over onto her belly, her short pink skirt covering her vulnerable backside, while her upper body was still naked. With a flick of his hand, he moved her skirt out of the way, leaving her very exposed.

Sierra had no doubt at this point what his intentions were and began to kick and scream, fighting diligently to get off the table. “Oh, fuck, no! You must have lost your mind, there is no way on God’s green earth you’re going to do this.”

His thick muscled arms pinned her tightly to the table, not allowing her to move even in the slightest. She struggled under his hand, hoping to break free, to no avail. He growled through gritted teeth, “Oh, trust me, you little brat, you’re getting an old-fashioned tanning. I’m sure you’re familiar with spankings, right? I hear that everything among The Invincibles is old-fashioned, including the family dynamics and discipline.”

“Kaigen, do you really think this is a good idea? We have standards and methods we use here at Oblivion and you’ll interfere in our processes with your… uhm, intervention. I really wish you’d change your mind and leave the training up to the professionals.” Dr. Strong’s voice had a whiny tone to it that grated on Sierra’s nerves. Groveling and sniveling seemed useless at this point.

“Strong, I couldn’t care less about your procedures. This is my girl and she needs to learn that I’ll not tolerate such language or snotty behavior.”

“But we under The Dome don’t allow for such archaic behavior. I mean… we believe in discipline, but not corporal punishment, sir. Such behavior is just barbaric.”

Sierra appreciated Dr. Strong’s plea on her behalf. So when the administrator grasped her arm to help her rise from the table, she lunged up onto her hands and knees, anxious to comply.

“Oh, no, little lady. That ass is mine. Back on your belly.” With a press of his large hand to the small of her back, he kept her in place, flipping up her skirt once again.

Panic rose in her chest and regardless of the fear, her clit throbbed incessantly, her juices dripping and pooling between her labia.

What the actual fuck? Why am I turned on?

His hand crashed into her backside so hard it stole her breath away. Gripping the edge of the table, her knuckles turned white. Once she found her voice, she screeched at the top of her lungs. “Fuck you! Oh, my God! Holy… Shit… you fucking savage!”

Blessedly, he stayed his hand. Dropping her sweaty forehead to the cool metal table, she sobbed pitifully and murmured, “Oh… it hurts so bad. Fuck.”

“Are you ready to listen?”

“Yes, please, Sir.” Pushing up onto her hands, she attempted to get up.

“Oh, no, baby girl. This ain’t over, we’re just talkin’.”

“What? But my ass… it’s so sore. Is it red?”

“Of course it’s red. When I do a job, it’s done well. And for the record, it isn’t nearly red enough to satisfy me.” He patted her sore rump. “Rules. You don’t throw things at me. That’s what this blistering is for.”

“But… it was only a shirt.” Sierra looked over her shoulder at the tall, formidable man. Gorgeous, but frightening nonetheless. His dark eyebrows were furrowed, and the intensity of the glare had her butt clenching.

He patted her ass. “Unclench. Now.”

Sierra immediately unclenched and then stiffened, looking over her shoulder once again. “I don’t like how you speak to me.”

Grabbing her chin in his hand, he pinched it roughly. Leaning in, their noses almost touching, he growled, “I don’t like how you are speaking to me. You will not speak to me in a disrespectful manner. You’ll find, girl, that I’m a sweet and kind owner, but if pushed, I’ll be your worst nightmare. Am I being understood?”

She swallowed loudly, her saliva sticking in the back of her throat. “Y-yes.”

“Add a handle to that.”

“Y-yes, S-sir.”

Releasing her face, he nodded. “Good girl. We understand each other.” Backing away, he ran his hand lightly over her ass. “Turn your head away.”

Hesitantly she turned her gaze away from the strikingly handsome man who claimed to be her owner, seeking advocacy from Dr. Strong. However, the sniveling wimpy doctor became engrossed with the handheld monitoring system in his hand.


She couldn’t tolerate someone with a glaring lack of bravery and, obviously, Dr. Strong fit into that category.

However, the indisputable flaws of the doctor’s personality waned in importance when Kaigen reignited the fire in her bottom.

Sierra flung an arm behind her only to find it snatched and pinned to her back. Thrashing her head back and forth, she rocked her body, hoping she would tumble onto the floor. It was all for naught and she cried, pleading for mercy and receiving none.

When she thought it wouldn’t end and had given into despair, he relented, leaving her to sob and wail pitifully. The throbbing of the flesh beat in rhythm with her heart, the blood pounding in her ears until she felt that her anguish pulsating continuously throughout her body.

Sierra swore she’d never throw a single thing at him again—and that included water—even if he was on fire!

“Do you think you can behave now, my little Sierra?”

She bit back the retort on her tongue. I’m not your fucking Sierra. Instead, she responded, “Yes, Sir.”

But he knows what I really mean.

“Good girl.”

The words themselves felt condescending, but his voice was gentle with a tinge of caring and no matter how much she wanted to be angry at the endearment, she couldn’t. Instead, her insides warmed and her cheeks flushed with the diminutive.

His strong, wide hands clasped her under the arms, lifting her from the table, steadying her feet on the floor, not removing them until her wobbly knees were firm.

Bending his knees, he made direct eye contact with her. His obsidian gaze was calming, and the corners of his eyes crinkled a bit along with a smile kicking up on his face. “You have quite a bit of spunk there, girl. I like a woman with a mind of her own and a bit of sass to keep life interesting.” He chucked her under the chin as one would a child. “We’ll get along fine once you figure out my boundaries.”

And that was it. Just like that they had come to an agreement—of sorts.

She was his and he was in charge. He was the owner and she was the owned.

Sierra wondered briefly how this arrangement had progressed to finality without her acknowledgment—in any form or fashion.

“Did I agree to this?” She felt her brows furrow with her confusion. And as an afterthought, she added, “Sir.”

He chuckled, the rumble low and quiet.


“I would like your cooperation and compliance, but in all reality, you forfeited that luxury, Miss Dawson. You see—” Kaigen left Sierra’s side and sauntered around the room. “Upon leaving The Invincibles and trespassing upon The Cleansed, and in this particular situation, The Dome, you by your actions forfeited your rights. You have given the government of the New Americas, and in this case, The Oblivion direct control over you. Upon purchase, which I will be doing forthwith, you will become my property, my woman, my broodmare, but more important, my cherished girl. I will own you, and thereby show you my love, discipline, care, and devotion. You will need or want for nothing.”

“Except freedom.” Sierra narrowed her eyes and watched his own eyes narrow as well.

He stood toe to toe with her once again. And although she wanted to do nothing more than take a step back, giving herself some breathing room and a step closer to the door if necessary, instead she stood her ground, not faltering a bit.

“Damn.” Closing his eyes and tilting his head back a bit, Kaigen inhaled deeply through his nose.

Sierra’s clit immediately throbbed. It was as if her sex was a detector of his emotions—and quite possibly of hers as well. Why did it thrum to life the minute his anger and frustration rose, and why did his stern demeanor make her pussy drip with need?

“Your infernal mouth and temper, they both stir emotions… and other things in me, Sierra. And as much as I’d like to paddle your ass raw for it, I also want to fuck you senseless, holding you close to me, cradling your head to my chest. Your sassy mouth will be a problem, it seems—for both of us.”

“I’m not—”

“I’d like to interrupt you both at this juncture.” Dr. Strong walked up to both Kaigen and Sierra. The young doctor pressed a button on his handheld device and a holoscreen appeared. “As you see here,” he pointed to a portion of the terms of service agreement between Kaigen and The Oblivion Institute, “we cannot turn over the prospective client until there has been an elaborate and extensive testing and training period. None of which has occurred. Therefore, we’re in total noncompliance with the actions that have just occurred in this office today. We need to get back on task and take the subject into our care and perform the medical exams necessary to begin our processes.”

With a flick of his wrist, Kaigen scoffed. “I couldn’t care less about your procedures, Strong. I have the money at the ready and will transfer it immediately. I’ll stay for the medical testing, but upon completion, she’ll be coming with me and I’ll conduct the training required to meet the specifications of The Cleansed.”

“That isn’t…”

“I’m not discussing this with you.” Kaigen stood close—much too close—to the doctor and growled. “We both know the information I have on you, Strong. If you’d like to retain this position, and if you cater to my needs today, you may find a promotion in your future. If you know what I mean.”

The young man’s long slender throat worked to swallow. His eyes enlarged infinitesimally. “I… that would… I’m not sure…” He paused, looking back and forth between Kaigen and Sierra. “I’ll make sure your needs are met, sir. Sierra, please climb back up onto the table, we’ll continue with our medical exam now.”

Chapter Three

Kaigen watched her piercing blue eyes dart from his face and back to Strong’s face.

“But I don’t want to.”

“No one asked, Sierra. On the table.” He dipped his chin in warning, pointing toward the hard metal table.

She blinked like a frog in a hail storm and slowly shook her head, her small white teeth worrying her bottom lip.

“Do I really need to repeat myself?” Kaigen quirked an eyebrow at her.

Sierra blinked, swallowing loudly and then her gaze skittered to the medical table and she whispered, “N-no, Sir.”

She scampered up, her very pink backside still inflamed, his wide fingerprints evident on her slender hips and thighs. He had no doubt that she’d be sore for a while, which would help with her level of obedience, which was the point.

Now he had to deal with the fucking douche doctor standing next to him. Kaigen wanted nothing more than to knock his fool head off his shoulders, but he’d play nice-nice until he could take his baby girl back to Dallas.

My baby girl. Finally.

It had felt like this part of his life would never happen. Kaigen had spent the last three hundred years wanting a woman he could call his own. Of course, he had women in his past, women who had given him children even, in Old America, but since the Change, he wasn’t sure he wanted the purified women. The prospect of an Invincible had made him hard for decades now. And when he found out that they had deflected the mandates for sterilization and he could breed with one, have a baby with one, he knew he had to make the dream a reality.

When Strong had told him that she arrived wearing a short pink skirt with knee socks and canvas sneakers, Kaigen knew immediately she was a little. Someone he could pamper and coddle, a woman who would appreciate his Daddy dom tendencies. A woman who would willingly accept discipline and spankings, as well as cuddles and playtime.

Kaigen was rough around the edges, and not an easy man. He expected—no, he demanded—immediate obedience with the utmost respect. Deviance and dalliance from those rigid standards and rules would be met with the strictest of punishments.

But as much as she would fear his annoyance or chastisement, she’d live for his warm words and all-enveloping hugs and love. His baby girl would find herself cocooned within his embrace, feeling cherished and doted upon.


Before his softer side could be fully shown and put on display, she’d learn to obey. Her humiliation and objectification would bring about peaceful submission. The very act of kneeling before him, and sucking his cock just to please him—whenever and wherever he demanded—would bring about her abject obedience. His needs and wants would overshadow her own.

But the reward would be immense. She would find at the end of her training that every bit of the pain and tears endured and self-doubt and hardship undergone would be worth it, for in return his full attention and devotion would blot out any misery leading up to the prize of… a daddy.

Sierra squirmed on the table, her labia glistening with the excess of her juices.

He slid his finger along her denuded pussy, the skin as smooth as silk. Pushing his fingers between the plump sticky lips, Kaigen skated along the slick inner lips before dipping into the well of her sex.

Gasping, Sierra stiffened, slapping her thighs closed around his hand.

“Open.” Kaigen waited patiently for her to slowly spread them, her scent wafting to his nostrils. He inhaled deeply and loudly, reveling in her face flushing with her embarrassment. “So pretty. You’re never allowed to close your legs when I’m playing with your kitty. Is that clear?”

She brushed her thin blonde hair off her face, her light blonde eyebrows furrowing again. Sierra opened her mouth to respond but quickly closed her lips, nodding her head.

“Smart girl. Any sarcasm would have added more swats to your sore fanny.” Kaigen swirled his forefinger along her slick inner tissue, her muscles clenching tightly around him.

Oh, yes. Soon, little girl, Daddy will give you an orgasm. But not now.

“You’ll mind Dr. Strong or there will be consequences you won’t like.” With a come hither motion, Kaigen stroked her g-spot, eliciting a gasp from his girl, along with a violent thrust of her hips. Extracting his finger, he made a dramatic show of smelling her on his finger and licking it loudly.

He brushed his finger along her upper lip, whispering, “You smell so sweet. You’ll learn to love how you taste and smell because your scent pleases me.”

Her small nose had a smattering of freckles along the bridge and she crinkled it in a show of disgust, but her dripping cunt spoke of her true feelings.

“Carry on, Dr. Strong. I’m in a hurry.”

“Yes, sir.” Timothy Strong slid a chair with rolling casters to the end of the table, flicking on a bright light. “Scooch to the end of the table, Sierra. We’ll examine your vagina, cervix, uterus, and anus. Then I’ll draw blood and do a full body scan before we finalize the paperwork.” Once she was at the edge of the table, Strong turned a light on, illuminating her clean-shaven pussy.

I have to get her home.

“Will it hurt?”

The doctor’s eyebrows rose. “Of course not. Has a past exam hurt you?”

“I’ve never had one before.” She blushed at the admission. Kaigen wondered if she was feeling embarrassed at the lack of knowledge. Was she completely unaware of female medical exams? Kaigen just assumed she would have had at least one exam by her age, even if she was a virgin.

“One of the best ways to assure your continued health is to examine you, often.”

Kaigen watched the doctor’s slender fingers ease her labia apart, the shiny inner furls exposed to the bright light. Slipping a digit into her, the good doctor looked over his shoulder at Kaigen. “Her hymen is intact, sir. A virgin until you claim her.”

Sierra’s eyes widened, her slender long neck working to swallow.

“It’s okay, girl. I’ll be gentle. But be aware, you will be mine before sundown.”

With a tilt of her chin, her cerulean eyes narrowed. “What if I don’t comply?”

Kaigen smiled in spite of himself. “Oh, you’ll not only comply, but you’ll also be begging for my cock. I’m a gifted lover, and you may not believe it yet, but you will. You’re a very lucky woman.”

Sierra’s lips thinned and with the almost roll of her eyes, Kaigen knew she didn’t believe him. Her doubt tugged at his heart. He hadn’t proven to be either kind or gentle, but she needed to learn respect first. Love and trust would come later. His consistency in discipline and boundaries would bring about trust. And his gradual increase of kindness would foster her love.

Kaigen watched her squirm when the doctor slid the speculum into her channel. He reached out, holding her hand, his thumb brushing along her satiny skin. “It’s okay, baby. It’ll be over soon.” Lifting his gaze to the young blond doctor, he barked, “Are you almost done?”

“No, not yet. You’ll have to be patient. I still have to check her sexual reaction and response rate, as well as her anus for future use.”


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