Daddy Seminars on The Little Princess Cruise 18

Daddy Seminars on the Little Princess Cruise

My new book The Little Princess Cruise is due out this week!!  Today’s snippet is of the Daddy Dom Seminars on the cruise.  This is a place where all the Daddies can share their concerns and learn more about being a Daddy to a Little.  The Seminars are run by Captain Garrett who is not only the Captain of the ship but also of his own little girl.  

Captain Garrett interrupted and asked the men to share with each other the area that’s most challenging and difficult for them, and invited them to share any suggestions they may have to help each other out.

Daddy Bob addressed their little group and said, “My biggest challenge with Becca is knowing how to deal with a teenager. I know none of us know how to deal with women some days and it can be challenging to know how to enforce boundaries and unconditional love on a little, but I have trouble dealing with a defiant teenager. Becca had a difficult childhood and she wants to work out her troubled teens in a safe relationship and with a Daddy who loves her completely. I’m concerned with how to manage the defiance.”
Captain Garrett again asked if he could help. “In this situation, as with all littles regardless of the age they’re regressing to, they want to feel accepted. Becca must have felt unaccepted as a teen.  Is she feeling a need to relive the defiance she exhibited in her teens?
Bob agreed, “Definitely.  She had real assholes as parents.  Her father in particular.  He loved her as a little girl but told her when she hit her teens that she was unlovable and that no one would ever love her because she was too high maintenance.  She isn’t high maintenance at all. 
Captain came over and stood near Bob to show support, “She wants to make peace with these bad situations with a Daddy, namely you, who’ll love her and impose the rules she needed at that age.  Does that make sense?
“I guess,” Bob responded I just don’t know how to put it into action.  I’m not sure when to be firm and when to just love her.  
The Captain continued and put his hand on Bob’s shoulder, “I could see where this would be difficult.  This isn’t an easy situation.  When she pushes you or challenges, smile and hold her, telling her you know this game and play with her, most ” littles ” love to wrestle. Tell her she’s beautiful and make her believe you. Hold her on your lap and don’t let go until she has fallen asleep, or is smiling and wanting to play. She needs to feel — to her core — that you love her even when she acts unlovable. However, she also needs to know that you won’t tolerate defiance and disobedience. But at the end of a misunderstanding or discipline session, she needs to feel completely loved and cherished by her Daddy.”

We will get to enjoy more from the Daddy Seminars when the book comes out–Go and visit the rest of the WIP It Up Bloggers and enjoy your Wednesday!!



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