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I know that it isn’t always possible, but everyone should have a daughter or someone they think of as their daughter.   And, most definitely, should have their first child be a daughter.  It is like having your own personal baby doll–you have all the time in the world to change her clothes several times a day, put pretty headbands on her, matching lacy socks for every outfit and pretty shoes, booties, boots, slippers, Mary Jane’s, etc for every single outfit.  

In the late 1970s there was a book called My Mother/Myself and in the book it said, “No one knows a mother like a daughter and no one knows a daughter like a mother.”  Your daughter knows you inside out and visa versa.  I don’t have to voice that I am upset or hurt by something–she knows.  Before we get to the car from church or a neighbor’s house or meeting, she will say to me “I know you are upset about what she said, I was so pissed.  I can’t believe she said that to you.”  LOL  But that same trait that supports me, can turn on me in a heartbeat.  She can walk into the room and say, “Oh God, are you in a mood again? Have you noticed that you are in a mood almost every Sunday?  What’s up with that?”   Damn!  Now I have to be introspective and figure it out. 

When you have a daughter you have a built in partner for shopping or ice cream or pedicures or manicures, etc.   When I am in the mood to watch The Little Couple or Sweet Alabama, she says, “How about I make some frozen drinks and we can have alcohol and popcorn watching our movie?”  

When I had surgery a couple years ago, she was invaluable to me. She cleaned, mopped, did laundry, cooked and ran errands for me without complaint or hesitation.  She would come upstairs and lie in bed with me watching the Food Channel and we would nap together.  It was nice to know she was there if I needed anything and I think she felt the same comfort, knowing I wouldn’t get up without her knowledge.   

She graduated this past May and will be finishing her student teaching in December.  More than likely, she will probably move away, which is an awesome and yet very fearful thought.  I will be proud to watch her spread her wings, yet will miss my partner for “girly” things.  

I am very thankful for my daughter and even if she moves away, it is nice to know she is there for me and understands me–my “girly” partner.  D is for Daughter!   

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