From the Crate – October 2017 – Jace’s Babygirl

Today I published my first short story, Jace’s Babygirl, which will ONLY be on sale at Gumroad/my blog–and it’s only $1.49.   That’s less than a bottle of shampoo, party beads, a razor, a slice of pizza, and definitely less than a Big Mac or Chicken Nuggets!!!  hehe  Gumroad is a safe website that has secure payment, and even gives you the option of paying by PayPal– you can download a pdf, epub or mobi for your Kindle.  You really don’t want to miss this story…it was so much fun to write.

Many, many readers have been begging for the sequel to The Little Princess Cruise, and I’ve decided to tease you all with a short story while I write the sequel.  I forgot how much I loved Jace and Gabby, their relationship is sooooo HAWT!!

Even though it’s a short story…I’ll give you a little snippet to entice you:)


“Shut the door, and draw the blinds.”

Running her hands down the front of her dress, no doubt the palms were sweaty, she did as instructed, the latch of the lock clicking into place before she grasped the thin wand for the blinds, turning them tightly closed.

Jace halted her before she could walk away.  “Bring the mini-blind wand here.”

Pivoting, she stared at him wide-eyed, not moving.  “B-but—”

“Did I stutter?  Oh, that’s right, Scott is the stutterer, isn’t that correct, Gabby?”

“Yes, sir.”

“How do you address me?”

“Yes, Daddy.” She pulled her bottom lip between her teeth, her little girl coming forward quickly with the rebuke.

“Do as you’re told.”  He drummed his fingers on the hardwood table, his impatience growing with her delays.

He stood as she approached the table, taking the thin white rod from her hand, sliding his fingers along the silky length, he swished it through the air, the whistle making her jump.

“Yes, this will do nicely, and it’ll be quiet enough that no one will know that the CEO is getting blistered.”

“B-but, Jace, I stopped, and did the right thing.”  She wrung her hands in front of her, pleading with those pretty emerald green eyes, glistening with threatened tears.

Still gliding his fingers along the wand, he walked toward her.  “Did you?  Is that how you saw it happening?”

You can purchase Jace’s Babygirl here:

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