Cover Reveal for My Russian Master #BDSM #ContemporaryRomance #SpankingRomance 4

This is the gorgeous cover for my new book MY RUSSIAN MASTER done by the talented Rachel A. Olson, No Sweat Graphics.   We’re still on track for 10/20 to10/21 depending on how long Amazon takes 🙂

Maxim is a fitness chef (who knew there was such a thing??) who lives in Moscow, he’s a culinary chef and as a hobby he makes spanking videos for a popular spanking video site in America. He’s content and happy in Moscow.  That is until he’s hired by Caroline Turner, CEO of her own marketing company, to help her lose weight.  His presence complicates not one but two things in their lives–professionally and personally–which threatens to destroy their relationship.

I fell in love with Maxim and Caroline, and I’m so anxious to share them both with you.  In addition, I think the secondary characters, Jason Steele and his wife Karen, will have you all hoping they get their own book 😉

This week we continue with the snippet I shared Wednesday, “Whipping Viktoria for a Spanking Video” if you missed it you can read it HERE.


She definitely wasn’t the first woman to admit this need, and it amazed him how women thought they were alone in their needs and kinks. Often they were surprised to find out that many other women had the same desires. As much as Viktoria craved the pain, the aftercare may have been just as important.  Aftercare brought her back slowly to here and now of the real world, but always with a more peaceful, quiet spirit.
“Viktoria.  Viktoria, sweetling?”  He murmured her name, stroking her bottom gently.  He rounded the bed, gently pulling her panties up and lowering her skirt down over the inflamed flesh.
“Girl.  It is time to get up.  Come, we cuddle for a bit. ” He sat at the top of the bed, pulling her into his lap.  She wasn’t a small girl; he didn’t like small girls.  He seemed to be partial to a woman of substance, sturdy with a fleshy, generous ass.  He liked a little wobble when he smacked a bottom.  Her breasts were also ample; they filled his large hands nicely.  Small breasts would be useless to a man of his size. It’s  why he liked Russian women. They weren’t pencil thin like Americans — well, some Americans anyway.
He wrapped his arms around her soft body, her head buried in his chest.   She was still sweaty from the energy expended during her orgasms and whipping, and he brushed her hair back, gliding his fingers through the silky strands, brushing her forehead with light kisses.  He hummed a little, gently rocking her, slipping small pieces of chocolate into her mouth and following it with water.  Her eyelids would flutter, her eyes regarding him briefly, then closing again, her soft hum resembling the low purr of a cat.
He loved seeing her in this state, totally at peace, without a care or concern.
He felt similarly after one of these sessions.  The steady rhythm of the whip or belt with the resounding crack accompanied by the mewls and whines of a sub brought him back in touch with himself, his primal need as a man.  It reinforced his need to subjugate and subdue, with the power only he could control — and slowly release. The need to control was strong in him, and yet he loved nothing more than to care for and comfort a woman afterward.
Keeping a tight rein on his restaurant and the students under him satisfied this need too, yet the desire to wield a whip or strap pulled at him daily.  He loved knowing that by sheer willpower and control, the whip could be harsh or sensual. He delighted in watching a woman dance and shout in pain — and in contrasting ecstasy — all by his control of the implement.
Viktoria’s eyes weren’t glazed over anymore, and she smiled at him when he met her gaze.  “You came nice, no?”
“Yes, Maxim.” Her cheeks blushed. “It was good and loud, right?”
Maxim laughed, “Yes, it was loud.  Neighbors will be looking to see if the cat is okay.”

I’ll share more on Wednesday and it should be out by then!

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