Cover Reveal for Colorado Christmas #ScintillatingSunday #EroticRomance #HolidayRomance

Today is the cover reveal for COLORADO CHRISTMAS! 

Elegant Couple Dancing in Love, Woman in Red Clothes and Lover Man in Classic Suit, Long Waving Dress Tail, Fashion Beauty Portrait

I’ll be uploading it on Monday–we hope it will be available by Tuesday!  This is a fun spanking sex-capde!  All the couples you love–Preston & Avery, Garrett & Inga, and Maxim & Caroline are in a chalet in Colorado for Christmas.  The book is filled with spankings, plugging, figging, anal, blowjobs and sex!  The end of the book has a few surprises also!  Don’t miss this fun, romantic sex romp! It will be 99 cents but only for the first 3-4 days 🙂 and then will go to $2.99.

Here’s a snippet from the book.

He crooked his finger at Inga.   Once she stood between his knees, looking at his shoes, he physically turned her around until her pear-shaped ass faced him. “I believe I told you that you’d lose your bra if there was disobedience or breaking of the rules. Lying — even if it is by omission — constitutes breaking a rule.” He unclasped her bra. Her hands came up, clutching the silky fabric to her breasts. He grasped her elbow, pivoting her around to face him once more.

“Let it fall,” he growled.

She closed her eyes briefly, a single tear tracking down her cheek. She let go, the straps sliding down her arms, the bra gliding to the floor. Her peach colored nipples and areolas were eye level, soft and lush.

Good sign. She’s not excited.

Although part of him wanted to seek permission from Preston to stroke the soft peaks in front of him, he focused on her misbehavior instead.

Ne boysya sobaki, shto layet, a bosya toy, shto molchit, da khvostom vilyayet.” He stared at her quietly, realizing quickly that everyone was looking back at him, waiting for a translation. Maxim cleared his throat. “Sorry. It means ‘Don’t be afraid of dog who barks, but be afraid of the one, who is silent and wags its tail.’ It is the quiet and friendly ones that are trouble.”

Garrett laughed out loud. “You definitely have that right, Maxim.”

Inga glared at her husband until Maxim pinched her chin between his fingers.

“So, bad girl, tell me why you broke rules on slopes today.” He leaned back, crossing his arms over his chest, interested in what story she’d relay to him.

I hope you enjoyed it, and click on the links below to read the excerpts from the other authors today!


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