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Cinch Your Saddle is due out on Tuesday, 9/8. This is my gorgeous cover by Rachel A. Olson of No Sweat Graphics. Rachel even put the rock formation, Devil’s Gate in Wyoming in the background.

I’m making an offer today.  I’d like to give anyone who’s interested an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of Cinch Your Saddle. All I ask for in return is that an honest review  be left on Amazon.  As a reader, you know how you rely on reviews at either Amazon or Goodreads to help you decide if you’d like to purchase a book, an honest review would be greatly appreciated. I’m only accepting a limited number, so don’t hesitate!  Send me an email at and a copy is yours.

Now let’s discuss Cinch Your Saddle.  I’ve said it every week, but I LOVE Angus and Clara.  They were such a fun couple to write! Last week’s post ended with poor Angus losing his wife and both his little girls.  He’d sat in his rocking chair by the fire, mulling over all the things he had to do. Let’s continue with the rest of the chapter 🙂

When he’d finally gotten up and saddled his horse for town, he’d headed for Doc’s office first. Upon his arrival, he’d been told that it was Saturday.  Saturday!  He had sat on the chair in his house for four days.  Doc said he’d gone into shock, and he’d given him some medicine to combat it before insisting he come to Mabel’s for some dinner.
The town had rallied around him after his tragic loss.  Friends had coordinated making the caskets. They had dug the graves and helped him bury his family.   The mason in town made him some simple stones with their names, dates of birth, and dates of death.   He visited that little cemetery by the pond almost every day.   He’d fish and remember the days of laughing with Kat and walking home with a line full of five-inch fish.  His girls had bragged about those fish as if they were whales.
The women in town had cooked meals for him.  He didn’t have to ask or beg either.  Rather, he’d come home and find a meal sitting by the fire, all ready for him. He’d helped out as a marshal in Independence for years, and when Charles had mentioned to him he’d be starting a mail order Widow Wagon service for the Oregon Trail, Angus knew it would be the right job for him.  It would keep him away from home — which wasn’t a home anymore. It was a house, nothing more.  He’d get to help lonely, needy women to start over again.  And in the process, he’d get to enjoy the country. It had been a perfect fit.
Starting over again after losing them was hard, a daunting task he didn’t even know how to start. But a friend had said to him one day, “Angus, you gotta cinch your saddle and start over.  You can’t mope in that house every day.  It’s time.”  He’d been right. Today, driving the wagon to Independence Rock, Wyoming, he looked at the landscape around him, and decided that he might not be as happy as he had been. Life had turned out pretty well for him, all things considered.  He liked being the wagon master for the Widow Wagon.  And except for the occasional woman like Daisy — who did nothing but rile up the other women — he really enjoyed the job.

He hated having to discipline the women, but he knew from hard experience that they could cause quite a ruckus if he didn’t keep them in line.  This particular Widow Wagon had been a challenge; the women were an interesting mix and every single one of them was independent, strong-willed, and sassy as hell. He still felt bad about having to switch Clara the week before, but she and Daisy hadn’t given him any choice.  He’d found the grown women rolling around on the ground, pulling each other’s hair — and then Clara had decided to switch Daisy after he’d specifically warned her not to.

He’d miss Clara and her girls though.  He played with them every night and it reminded him of his own girls.  They were good girls and fun.  But his job was to deliver women to their future husbands at designated stops on the Oregon Trail.  Today, he’d be delivering Clara, and her adorable daughters Rose, and Nelly.


I’ll keep you all posted!  If Amazon cooperates, it should be out on Tuesday. Don’t forget to send me an email ( if you would like to receive an ARC in exchange for an honest review.  Click the links below to visit the other authors participating in Six of the Best Sunday.

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