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Here is more of the chapter that I’ve been sharing.  When we stopped yesterday, Angus had taken his buggy whip and sliced it through the air in front of Daisy to get  her  moving.

“Oh, that so? I guess I could help by using this to prod you
along like the cattle.” He held up the carriage whip, which looked like a cane
with a small whip on the end of it. He waved it in air, the whip slicing
through the air with a hissing sound.
“Oh! You wouldn’t dare!”
He took a
threatening step toward her, extending the whip as if to strike.
“Okay!” she screeched. “I’m going, I’m going!”
She turned,
running to the wagon. As she started climbing, Angus swatted her ample bottom
and she let out a yelp, scurrying into the wagon.
After a moment,
Daisy poked her head through the back of the covered wagon, clasping the bag in
question to her chest. “I’m afraid to come down. I’m afraid of…
what you’re going to do.”
“Get down here, now!”
“I don’t wanna!” She backed up a step, as if she feared he’d
climb into the back of the wagon to get her.
“No. What you don’t want is for me to come get you! Get your ass
down here! ‘Cause if I gotta get you, your tail will be blistered for sure.”
Angus backed up a step and pointed to the ground at his feet.
Daisy crawled out
of the wagon and slowly, as if approaching a wild cat, crept closer until she
stood before him.
“Gimme the bag.” He held out a big hand.
“What’re you gonna do with it?” She clutched it even tighter to
her chest, turning her body away from him, as if it would protect her precious
“None of your business. Hand it over!”
Reluctantly, she
handed him the bag.
He opened it up,
reaching inside. “Let’s see what’s worth the whippin’ you just earned.”
Daisy whined long
and slow, pressing her hands to her face in embarrassment.
Angus pulled out
the items, loudly announcing each one before callously tossing them to the
ground. “Handkerchiefs.
Perfume — where’s this from? No matter, no need for it on the trails. Fans. For
Chrissakes, you brought fans?
Make up. You honestly think you need war paint out here?”
In disgust, he
grabbed the handles on the bag, and tossed it out into the tall prairie grass
that lined the trail. “You don’t need none of it. And I’m pretty sure that the
whippin’ you’re gonna git will make you regret doing it.”
Daisy started to
run but wasn’t
quick enough for Angus, the big man grabbing her by the waist.
“Oh, no! You can’t do this! Isn’t this against the rules?”
“Oh, yes. You’re getting what’s coming to you.” Angus laughed,
shaking his head. “Rules? What rules, girl? This is the Oregon Trail and I’m
the Wagon Master. You listen to what I say. You don’t listen, and you’ll get a
hidin’ on your backside. Your bare backside. You signed paperwork stating that
I’m your guardian until you get your new husbands.”
“You… you can’t. I won’t… I’ll get the sheriff! You can’t
take down my pantaloons.” Daisy dug her feet into the dirt in a futile attempt
to protect her bottom. But Angus continued to pull her along.
“I can, and will.” He dragged her over to the wagon wheel. “Bend
over and hold onto the spokes of the wheel.” He threw her skirts up over her
back and tugged on her pantaloons until they fell down her legs, puddling at her
“Ohhhh!” Sophie could see Daisy’s face flush in embarrassment.
Her hands shook as they gripped the spokes of the wheel. Her bottom had been
left a deep shade of red from Margie’s spanking and it already looked well
spanked to Sophie.
“You women git over here.” He pointed to an area directly behind
the two of them. “Take a gander at this and don’t forget it. This is what
happens when you break the rules while on the Widow Wagon. Step out of your
Seeing Daisy’s
legs shaking made Sophie tremble too. The young woman’s sex was visible between
her slender thighs, dark, curly hair thickly covering her pussy.
“Widen your feet. You’re getting this buggy whip. Not many — but
it won’t take many. Trust me. When we’re on the trail, my word is law. You
listen or I beat the tar out of you. Got it?”
“‘Yes, Sir,’ girl.”
“Y-yes, Sir.”
“Let’s begin.” He swung the whip three times quickly against her
bottom. Sophie had been switched a time or two, and the marks rising on Daisy’s
buttocks resembled those Sophie herself had nursed after a switching.
Suddenly, Daisy
stood up, grabbing her bottom and turning, pressing her buttocks back against
the wooden wheel.
“Mr. Angus, I can’t do this. I’m sorry. Please no more. I won’t
do it again.
“You don’t have to want to, girl. It’s my decision. So turn
around. Your lickin’ isn’t done yet.” When she didn’t move quick enough, he
took a step toward her. With a frightened yelp, she quickly bent over once
more, sobbing loudly.
“Damn straight.” Angus tapped the whip on her red bottom in
warning, pausing for a few moments to let her compose herself. “Pull your
skirts back up.”
With a choked
sob, Daisy complied, gathering her skirts in trembling fingers, revealing
bright, angry welts striping her reddened bottom.
hesitation, Angus swung the buggy whip once more. Sophie could see that he
swung his arm lightly, perhaps not wanting to injure her, but rather in an
effort to make her behave. But to listen to Daisy carry on, it sounded like he
was peeling her skin off.
Having been
switched herself, Sophie understood the feeling. It felt like your skin was indeed being torn off. She was
confident that the buggy whip hurt even more than the switch.
Daisy had
received seven stripes total — and was screaming as if it had been seventy. She
moved to stand, reaching back to rub her bottom.
“Uh-uh. No touching. That bottom is gonna sting for a bit. You
need to be learning a lesson and I aim to make sure it’s learned well. Stay
bent over and do some thinking for a bit.”
Angus whispered
something to Sam, who then walked to his horse retrieving a tin from the
saddlebags, handing it to Angus.
“You hold still. This’ll stop some of the sting, and help to
healing your backside quicker.” He rubbed the liniment into her injured flesh
with surprising gentleness. “I’m not a mean Wagon Master, but you’ll learn that
I don’t tolerate any sass or disobedience. If I tell you to do somethin’, you
damn well better get your ass movin’ to do it. You hear me, girl?”
“Y-yes, Sir. I’m s-sorry. It hurts so b-bad.” She wiped at her
face, swiping away the tears.
“I know, I know. You’ll be sore for a couple days. Until this is
healed, you’ll ride in the wagon. No walkin’ for you. I’ll fix an area for you
to sleep in and you’ll ride up here today and tomorrow. Stay here just like you
He climbed up
into the wagon. Everyone stood quietly, barely breathing, their gazes riveted
to the scene unfolding before them. After some rustling, Angus poked his head
out. “Lift
her up here to me and I’ll put her on the bed I made.”
Sam approached
the whimpering girl who still obediently bent over the wagon wheel, and gently
dropped Daisy’s
dress down over her bare bottom. He scooped up her pantaloons from the dirt,
handing them to her. He gingerly picked her up and carried her to the rear of
the wagon.
Daisy groaned at
the movement. Once she’d been placed in Angus’s arms, his low rumbling voice could be
heard amidst her cries.
Sophie had stood
rooted to her spot, stunned at what had just taken place, the other women were
apparently just as shocked as she was.
Angus smiled
sweetly at the little girls. “Now Nellie and Rose, you don’t have to
worry about ever getting a whippin’ like that from us. You girls answer to your
ma. The only time you’d get tanned by us, is if you run away or get lost and we
have to find you. Otherwise, even if you’re bad, your ma will take care of it,
not us. I don’t want you afraid of us.”
The girls didn’t
look sure at all, but they smiled when he winked at them.
“Now, I’m gonna talk to the big girls.” His gentle demeanor
changed instantly and he leveled a dark gaze their way. “You girls do need to worry. What you saw here today, I’ll
do to you too. You all need to listen, mind your manners, and do as you’re
told. And no cat fights. None!
I ain’t
gonna cotton to fighting in my wagon. You hear?”
Sophie and the
other women nodded and mumbled, “Yes, Sir.”
“Now, I’m the disciplinarian on this Widow Wagon, but if I’m
busy or not available to give a lickin’, Sam here will do it.” Sam gave the
women a wolfen grin. “You women said — the minute you signed the papers and sat
in the Widow Wagon — that you made me your guardian. I’m responsible for your
behavin’ and I’ll tan your hide if you don’t behave. You hear?”
Sophie had not a
clue that she’d
given him responsibility and guardianship over her by signing that contract.
She’d never have signed those papers had she known.
How did I get myself into this? I didn’t even read it before I signed the papers.
But it seemed a
little too late to worry. She’d just have to keep her mouth shut and
behave until she met Daniel. After all, she’d been married for four years to a
man who believed in stern discipline for misbehavior. It wouldn’t be much
different from how she’d been expected to behave for the past four years.
The women all
responded at once, “Yes, Sir.”
Angus took his
hat off and mopped his brow with his arm. “Now, I’m gonna get this wagon goin’ again.
Y’all mind your own business.”
* * *

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