Cloven’s Only Wish is LIVE – Megan Michaels

Is he gorgeous or WHAT??

is LIVE on most channels!

Direct from Megan–
Amazon US– 
Apple (iBooks) — Waiting
Barnes & Noble — Waiting

Due to recent events at Amazon, the stripping of rank (and money), as well as suspension and deletion of author accounts with NO wrong-doing on their part, I have (along with MANY authors) pulled my books from Kindle Unlimited.

I know that this is very sad news to most of you, and for that I’m sorry.  But, I cannot risk losing all my books or author account due to capricious decision making.  I hope you all understand.

I’ll STILL BE ON AMAZON–the only change is you can also buy my books at several other places, as well as on my website.

If you purchase my books through, you’ll receive a 15% discount on ALL BOOKS, EVERY SINGLE DAY!!  The purchases are filtered through Gumroad, and rest assured, your information is protected through this site.  And, again, with Coupon Code Megan15 you’re guaranteed 15% off of all my books. 

My betas have enjoyed this book, and I’m anxious to share it all with you. Cloven surprised me immensely. What a joy it was to see another side of the stern, commanding warlord, and watch the love between him and Wish bloom. He made my heart melt, and I hope you’ll feel the same.


If you haven’t read THE DRAGON’S SECRET yet, it is only $0.99 during the release of Cloven’s Only Wish.

Please don’t hesitate to contact with questions, comments, or requests with regard to this series — or any of them — I look forward to hearing from you all.



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