Christmas for the King

Christmas for the King, the fourth book in the Dragon Warlords should be out by this weekend!  So many of you wrote me begging for a book with Zorander and Gossamer, giving them their own story.  Here it is:)  

I’d like to tease you all with snippet of the King and Queen. For a novella, I was amazed at the amount of surprises there are–y’all are in for a treat <3 


Chapter One

Zorander closed the door to his den, sighing loudly, more than a little exasperated. But he didn’t want his wife to see that. And before he could speak, his wife, Gossamer, began her tirade, the one he had anticipated.

After thirty-two years of marriage, it was easy to know when an angry, angst-filled outburst would be occurring. What was unpredictable was how to prevent it or make it end quickly.

“I told you! Didn’t I tell you this would happen? They aren’t sure they’ll be home for Christmas.” Gossamer leaped up from her chair, her nostrils flared, pacing his den.

“They didn’t say anything of the sort, Gossamer. They just said it was too early to be sure what their plans were.” He rubbed his forehead. It was going to be a long night if he didn’t calm her down…soon.

“It’s code. Are you so old you’ve forgotten how we used to delay your parents or mine for the holidays?”

“Watch that attitude!” He pointed his long forefinger in her direction. She rolled her eyes dramatically, muttering under her breath and turning her back to him. “Girl, I’m going to warn you only once.”

Gossamer spun around, her eyes narrowed and sparking, her lips thinned, and she spoke through gritted teeth. “I have every reason to have an attitude. I have three sons and two daughters, and I shouldn’t have to beg for them to stay home for Christmas.”

“No one said you had to beg. You don’t even know they aren’t staying here. Will. You. Calm. Down.”

“Because I just love when you dismiss me by telling me to calm down—said every woman, ever.”

He rose from his chair, rounding the desk in two long strides. Gossamer straightened, backing up a step.

Good to know, I still have it.

He sauntered up to her, pinching her chin between his thumb and forefinger. “Are you listening?”

“Yes, S-sir.”

“All Drayce said was they were checking with their siblings’ schedules and contemplating a vacation on Terron. Chances are you’ll have every single one of them here, and you’ll feel foolish for your reaction.” He raised his eyebrows. “Okay?”

Her eyes brightened with tears. “Are you calling me foolish? Do you really think I’m foolish?”

It was his turn to roll his eyes. “Goddess Gem, help me! No! That’s not what I’m saying, and you know it.”

Gossamer had begun pacing again, and in exasperation, Zorander slumped in his chair, watching her. It was best just to let her wear herself out—unless she went too far with her temper and sarcasm, then he’d intervene.

“I’ve been waiting for grandchildren. I mean Drayce and Satin have been married for almost three years. What are they waiting for? What? And by the gods, Artemis and Thistle have been together for two! I mean, by the God Alpheas, are they hoping for some miraculous conceptions for Gem’s sake? I’m getting fucking sick of waiting for everything from these damn kids. Sick of it. And you, too!”

“Wait, what? I’ve done nothing.”

Her eyes narrowed, her nostrils flared, and her chest heaved with her heavy breathing. “Exactly. Fucking nothing!” She flung her arms in the air, letting them drop to her sides in defeat.

“It’s time.” He leaped up from his chair; this time, he strode quickly to her side.

“Time for what?”

Snatching her by the arm, Zorander dragged her to the bed. Sitting on the corner, Zorander flopped her roughly over his thigh, tossing her dress up, and dragged her white panties over her upturned backside, then he stared at her gorgeous ass.

“Oh, Zorander. You cannot be serious.”

“I’m very serious, bad girl. I know it’s been a while, but you’re getting your ass blistered.” He swatted her white, plump ass. The dimpled cheeks wobbled, and he delighted in the red bloom that quickly rose to the surface. He swore he’d never tire of his wife and loved her more and more over the years, but she never ceased to amaze him with her temper. That damn temper of hers had caused her to sleep on her tummy many nights.

He spanked her bare bottom mercilessly, her skin hot and inflamed. “You will not swear. You know better. And you do not speak disrespectfully to me. How. Many. Times. Do. We. Need. To. Discuss. This?”

“I d-don’t know.”

“I know you don’t. You’ve been spanked so many times for this. When are you going to watch your mouth?”

“I don’t know.”

“You will settle down and leave our kids alone about Christmas. We’ll celebrate it, regardless of who is here. And we’ll enjoy it, too. You know why?”


“Because we’ll be together.” He smacked her thighs harshly several times until she was kicking and screeching.

Pausing, Zorander rested his hand on her thighs, keeping the heat in, examining his handiwork on her rear-end, and he determined if there were areas on her red hot ass which required more attention.

She was crying, her long white hair hanging like a curtain around her face. “I’m sorry.”

“I know, baby.” He pulled her hair away, draping it over her shoulder. Rubbing her ass and thighs, he quietly watched her cry, waiting for her to process her thoughts and the pain. He murmured over and over, “Such a good girl. I love you, Gossamer.”

I l-love you.”

Once her breathing had returned to normal, he rubbed her abraded backside, watching her stiffen and flinch with the pain. His hands were rough and weren’t always comforting, but he’d trained her to tolerate it because his intention was what was important.

Both of them had changed over thirty-two years. They were both teenagers when they’d gotten together. She was slender and lithe, so was he. Now, the years had added wrinkles and weight, but their love had only deepened and solidified.

They weren’t given to the winds of change or swayed by the trials or storms of life; they had learned to endure those winds, clinging to each other.

That’s it for now–there will be more toward the end of the week.

In celebration of its release, I have all three Dragon Warlord books on sale for 99c each!!  Hurry, you still have time to read them.  But, if you don’t, the new book is a STANDALONE (as they all are:)  

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