Service & Submission

I Love Your Orgasms–Mastering Inga #SatSpanks #M/s #BDSM 3 Hello fellow Saturday Spanking Fans!  Mastering Inga has been out a week.  Today I’m continuing with my post from yesterday on Renee Rose’s blog (if you missed it click here).  Inga was caught masturbating in the shower, and now she is in for a very long, intense orgasm denial […]

Rainbow on Your Backside – Mastering Inga #SatSpanks #M/s #SwedishNanny 5

  Welcome, Saturday Spank fans, Mastering Inga (Service & Submission. Book 2) is done and being formatted!  Soon!  I did a cover reveal yesterday but can’t resist showing it again!! In addition, for the next few days, Finding Submission (Service & Submission, Book1) is on sale for $0.99 In this […]