Age Play

From the Crate – October 2017 – Jace’s Babygirl

Today I published my first short story, Jace’s Babygirl, which will ONLY be on sale at Gumroad/my blog–and it’s only $1.49.   That’s less than a bottle of shampoo, party beads, a razor, a slice of pizza, and definitely less than a Big Mac or Chicken Nuggets!!!  hehe  Gumroad is a […]

Don’t Miss This Age Play Book

I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed an age play like I have enjoyed Zoe Blake’s newest book Papa’s Prey.  Without hesitation, I give it 5 stars and if you’ve enjoyed any of my age-play books, I assure you that you’ll be enthralled with this one. I was captivated […]

The Little Sleepover by Meredith O’Reilly

  Hi! Thank you for having me over on your blog today to help promote my new short story, The Little Sleepover!! In this snippet, Juliana has earned herself a spanking. I smacked her sit spots first, her least favorite place for me to hit. She squealed, wiggling on my […]

Daddy’s Good Sassy Girl

It’s only eight days until His Sassy Girl will be on your Kindle!! You’ll wake up to it! But only if you’ve done the pre-order!! Click on the cover above or below to purchase it! Today I have a sexy, spanking hot excerpt–Sassy is reminiscing about Dylan spanking her for […]

A Hairbrush Spanking at The Playpen

Here’s another update for His Sassy Girl.  The couples are at The Playpen and today’s scene is from the Nursery.  Sassy and Dylan are watching a woman named Nina with Mommy Corinne.  I hope you enjoy it–if you haven’t pre-ordered your copy click on the book cover above or below.

Medical Play at The Playpen

His Sassy Girl will be out in about three weeks.   Dylan and Sassy have met Professor Maddox and his girl Libby.  They’ve invited them to an exclusive BDSM Club for Daddies and their Littles, called the Playpen.   In this excerpt, Sassy has just walked into the medical room and is […]

The Prince’s Little Mate by Meredith O’Reilly #SciFi #AP #SpankingRomance

I have Meredith O’Reilly on with her new Sci-Fi Age Play book The Prince’s Little Mate.   This one is waiting on my Kindle to be read as we speak.  If you haven’t purchased yours, read the excerpt below and then click on the links to get it on your Kindle! […]

I Will Bite You – Saturday Spankings 16

Welcome to Saturday Spankings!  My book has a new title, “What Naughty Little Girls Get” and I have approved the cover, the release should be soon!!  Here is another excerpt today.  Meggie has had a terrible day at work and is snapping at Daddy Michael, who is quickly losing his […]