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C = Cane

Last year about this time, I received a cane for my birthday from a friend. Well, who knew it would be the catalyst for spurring my husband to delve deeper into D/s.  

I swear he acted–and still acts–like that cane has become an appendage. He looks for any reason–and I do mean any reason–to cane me. 

Before the cane, he would spank me or paddle me, but he had always been concerned that he would “hurt me” and I’d be yelling in the background, “please, dear Lord, hurt me!”  Haha.   

That is until the CANE!! There is something in a cane I think that brings out the Dominant in a person. He loves slicing it through the air to hear the sound. But he doesn’t love it as much as he loves hearing it thwack against my ass. And anyone who has been caned will tell you that you just cannot stand still–even if you try–you end up dancing on your toes and wiggling around. The sting and burn are just too much.

I’ve asked him what it is about the cane. His response:  “It brings out the man in me.” And he truly feels in charge with a cane in his hand. He likes seeing my vulnerability bent over the bed and knowing that with a flick of his wrist, I’m totally under his control and unable to hold still. 

After a few sessions with a cane, you learn to respond to phrases such as “Maybe I should get the cane” or “Do I need to get your cane?”  Or “Are you looking to be caned?”  

When I get told to undress and present, I usually cringe and it never seems to be at a convenient time so I’m typically whining or saying “nooo!”  But once he says, “Do I need to get the cane?”  I’m up and moving doing whatever he requests. He loves that and usually cannot contain it either.  I’ll hear, “Jesus, it’s nice to have something to make you jump after all these years.”  haha

I’ve been punished a couple times with it. And I’m sure it won’t be the last time either. On this one incident, although I came close to tears, he stopped just before I broke down. This is what happened. My husband has an awesome job–the type of job that people die for. He had invented something and was finally able to tell me about it and, per his normal, he had said nonchalantly I want you to type this phrase into YouTube. I had been busy writing and said “I’m busy.  Not now.” That was it. He didn’t push and didn’t ask again.

Two days later, he sent me a link from work, and I sat with my mouth open and tears in my eyes when I realized that this was what he had wanted me to look at. It killed me that I had hurt him like that. So I sent him a text and said, “I’m sorry. I need to be punished for ignoring you like that. I submit to whatever you think is appropriate.”  

He didn’t hesitate that night. He made me strip, bent me over the bed, and caned me–hard. As I said, I felt my voice crack and knew I was close to tears and that’s when he stopped. He knew I was on the verge too. Grasping my bottom with tears in my eyes I said, “I’m soooo sorry.” He kissed my nose and said, “I know. Next time I bet you’ll look at the video the first time.”  

I realized firsthand how it cleansed my conscience and it took away his anger. I had read about it and written about it, but had never really experienced it firsthand until that moment.  

My final story with the cane:  My husband loves having the cleaners arrange the cane in our bedroom. I spent the first two months hiding the cane and other implements twice a month when the cleaners come to the house, only to find out that he had put them back on my nightstand. He knows I love humiliation.  I hate it at the time, like everyone else, but after the fact I love remembering the humiliation. So leaving the cane on my nightstand and having them dust and arrange all the implements –just kills me.  

What are they thinking as they rearrange them??
My  implements arranged beautifully by the cleaners

That’s the history of the cane at our household.  This year I’ve asked him to buy me a riding crop.  I’ll report back next year during SpanksA2Z on “C” = Crop  🙂



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