Burning Desire (Federal Agent Chronicles Book 1) by Ravyn Rayne

I love everything about this.  I love this author’s name, then the title of the book is just awesome!  And look at that book cover!!  

I asked Ravyn some questions and here are her answers.  And she brought along an excerpt for everyone to read.  Make sure you click on the buy links to get  your copy!! 

What book are you reading right now?
Right now I’m reading Outlander, the first book in the series by Diana Gabaldon.
When did you realize you were a writer?
been a writer since I was a teenager. I think the moment I realized I
was an author was when I was picked up by Lazy Day Publishing and
Blushing Books. I wasn’t just writing for me and for a small group of
readers anymore.
When did you write your first spanking story? 
I’ve written romantic erotica while I was in college, but this is my first spanking story!
What was the inspiration for this book?
used to love shows like Without a Trace, The X-Files, and Fringe. I’ve
also been fascinated by the FBI, so I thought it would be a fun
background for the series.
Do you have another book you are currently working on? 
On Friday
I just finished the third book in the Gem Apocalypse series. I’m about
to start a new story today, hopefully the fourth book in the Federal
Agent Chronicles!
Are you a plotter or a pantser? 
It depends on the story. Some books require a bit more plotting, however I won’t outline an entire novel chapter by chapter.

I swallow anxiously, my heart racing at lightning speed in my
chest. “I never do as I’m told. You should know that.” We’ve had
our own share of disagreements and butting heads in the past. This feels
different, hotter, sexier. I feel my insides ache for release. Will he give it
to me or tease me into submission?
Joel’s hand slides beneath my back. His warm touch startles and
arouses me. I feel his leg move between mine and his knee climb closer to my
groin, adding enough pressure to elicit a moan. I don’t know what will happen
tonight and for the moment I don’t care. I want him, more than I’ve ever wanted
anything in my life.
“Bad girls get spanked,” Joel whispers into my ear and
flips me onto my stomach. Before I have time to respond or fight back, I feel
his hands at my sides pulling down my pants and underwear, just enough to
expose my bare flesh.



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