Bottom Kisses #SatSpanks 16

Welcome to another Saturday Spankings #SatSpanks.  Today we continue with my age play WIP.  In this episode Molly and Meggie are being punished together.  Molly was just spanked and now it is Meggie’s turn to be spanked.  

“Okay Kitten, pull your cheeks apart and remember that you not only caused this punishment for yourself, but you made your best friend cry today.  Look at Miss Molly, those tears are because you convinced her to misbehave and break a rule her Daddy had given her.  
“Daddy, I really, really don’t want this.  I am so sorry.”
Michael squatted behind her and placed two kisses on her bottom, one for each cheek.  “I am sorry too Meggie.  You know I hate to see you cry, sweetie, but you should have asked me before you took your panties off, right?
“Yes Daddy.” 
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